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Buyer cancel order though customer support and Waring for empty delivery

i hope you’re all doing well. client order on my gig, am working and complete order, due to time am deliver an order and also request for extend delivery time, but he refused to extend delivery time and open dispute cancel this order timeline was not meet. but order was already completed , now he cancel order through customer support and fiverr give me warning volition of delivery button, but am not deliver empty am upload screenshot of website, please tell me now what can i do, am also contact with support center but still not received any answer thank you :slight_smile:


Delivering an empty or incomplete order is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. There is nothing you can do, except learning from this experience, reading the Terms of Service carefully and following it.

I know you delivered a screenshot, but it is still an incomplete delivery, as you delivered and THEN asked for an extension of the deadline.

Read it here:

“Fiverr Customer Support will review cases of Order delivery manipulation that prevents Buyers and Sellers from fully utilizing our Resolution Center that enabled the order to be marked as complete.”


Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.


Am deliver when order was completed just request for extend delivery time if client want to need any revision or modifications but he not make any revision, nothing am complete order and deliver after 2 days he cancel through customer support even website competed

Am Level 2 seller , i understand incomplete delivery against fiverr rules, am also ask many times for revisions , modifications required in website, but not reply

If you delivered a complete order, then there was no reason to request an extension of the deadline. When you deliver the first time, the order is considered delivered on time, so you do not have to extend the deadline.

I suggest you just wait for Customer Support to respond. It can take up to 10 days at the moment due to COVID-19.


Am also send screenshots of delivery, complete website link, and buyer message where he ask for competed website am also send link buyer to check website

You may also know that Only first delivery required to be on time and you don’t need to extend delivery time for revision…


When am request for extend delivery time , He just cancel delivery time and open dispute cancel this order timeline was not meet, He can’t cancel my delivery than He say send me complete website link so i can check and review am send him website link order delivery 2 days late, when am send website link than he can’t message me not cancel delivery just cancel through customer support, i understand not request for extend delivery time, but website completed

Now support center make this issue why you request for extend delivery time ?

Brother try to understand a customer reaching out to fiverr support means you were not in good communication with the buyer. I would advice you to learn from this and move on (don’t try to prove you are right as it will take you nowhere).
Fiverr is a marketplace where there are some rules to follow. It’s like a computer. You make an error - you get a warning. you make multiple errors - you get blocked. Level 2 or top seller won’t make a difference :slightly_smiling_face:
You will find difficult customers every now and then, just make sure you communicate well with them. Fiverr’s rules are strict for both buyers and sellers. Looks like your buyer had some valid reason for CS to take action.

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brother what you think , buyer not fraud with me He can’t cancel order , but when complete order than He cancel through customer support.

So your initial delivery was incomplete just to stop timer - Here you got warning !!

Now you already knew he tried to cancel order, then why did you worked 2 more days later and share him complete delivery ? Buyer is Entitled to cancel if delivery was late , No mater you shared him complete delivery after deadline…He still have right to cancel.

Procedure should be in this manner…

  • You know you cant complete work on time…
  • Inform buyer about this, discuss issues you are facing and drop time extension request on order page…
  • Let buyer deiced if he want to give you extra time or cancel whole thing ?
  • Because you couldn’t make it on time you just wait and accept the result !
  • If he accept your proposal, start working again to complete in next deadline.
  • If he dont…stop working and wait for his response !

May be He did fraud because you gave him way to do! but Yes he can cancel order at the market place we are working !

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Brother order deliver in timeline but He think order was not completed and deliver than he also ask for send website link am send when he check website completed than he cancel order through customer support, not late delivery

I’m sorry but it is totally inappropriate to show the name of the buyer.

And please don’t call people ‘brother’.

You violated TOS. Now pay the price. Simple as.

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Where you see the name of the buyer am delete screenshot