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Buyer cancel order which completed in March,


There’s a fetish buyer who constantly order from me. I did show him a video of my leg. Lately in May this week, he came back to me, wish me to do a belly flex video which I did as he said and delivered to him. After he marked the order completed, he asked me to do another video on carrying 100 kg man on my back which I refused to do because it will hurt my back. In some minutes, I saw a notification says " He cancelled the order which we both already left the 5 stars review. "

I think I get him angry because I refused to do the 100kg video. I am only a thin girl. How can I carry a man with 100 kg on the back? I refused him and he cancelled the past order which was marked completed in March! ***************** and the earnings has returned to his account. I’m very angry about this happend because we both review the order 5 stars. How can he cancel the order? How can I just being treated this way? Now I wrote the letter to Customer Support and I want to see how they reply.

Now he deleted his account after he cancel the order. Now I’m wondering I think there’s no SECURITY working on Fiverr since sellers should be worried about whether a product is delivered and reviewed and then the buyer would come back and cancel the order?

There’s no behind stories which I didn’t satisfy the buyer or didn’t finish the scope of the work. Entirely it’s buyer’s fault!

I want to say although there are ups and downs working here. I appreciate this platform does give me an opportunity make money. But seriously… you can’t always just let a buyer do whatever they want without protecting sellers. We are making money for you!

Mod Note: Part of this post was not necessary and was edited due to sensitive wording.


If someone asks you do this sort of thing, don’t even start. Once you go ahead with it, they assume you will do it again. You can’t sell adult services on Fiverr, it is against the Terms of Service. The buyer breaks ToS by asking for it and you break the ToS by doing it.

You shouldn’t have done any of the inappropriate videos for him. If someone asks you to do something that breaks the rules, report it to Customer Support immediately. Even if it counts against your completion rate, it’s not worth it when they will just do it again. You want that buyer to be removed. As far as how he canceled the order, he probably filed a PayPal chargeback and took the money from Fiverr. Fiverr may not even be able to support you in this case since you shouldn’t have completed orders for adult services.

Fiverr banned his account because he broke the rules.


Showing belly and leg is adult service? I am sorry that I don’t know that… I thought showing the private part is considered as adult service… Okay! I understand completely. I won’t do these types of works for them anymore. I didn’t know this is adult service since it doesn’t show any adult part.


You are calling these fetishes. If they are fetishes, they are obviously for purposes related to adult activities. That is what a fetish is.


I don’t wish to be demoted again now I maintain the level. Just few weeks and I’ll be level 1. Thanks for the explanation and support! I’ll make sure not to provide these type of service again if this type of buyer comes up!


I’m glad that helped. Hopefully that buyer is gone now. It really isn’t common for buyers to ask for fetish related things unless there is something that makes them think you are willing. You might see Buyer Requests for that sort of thing, but you should not apply for those. If you get other buyers asking for that sort of thing, look through your gigs, photos, etc. and make sure there is nothing that would make a buyer think you are okay with that.


I think it’s paypal dispute!