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Buyer cancel order without knock me


I get order from a buyer.I do buyer work properly and deliver it.Buyer accept my order so order is completed.But After 2 hours later I get Notification That Buyer Cancel this order without any message to me.

Suggest me ,What can I do now?


Well, that’s unfortunate. The only thing you can do is ask CS.


Hi there,
some time client don’t like the work and cancel order you take it positive and you can ask.


I can not conversation with this client


It’s really unfortunate. Please contact customer support.


Some times the buyer’s find another person with a good option and they got cancel our order. So its all gonna be the ups & down. Make sure the client behavior to judge him if he is good and really intrested in your service then go a head and start work with him/her.


Should I contact customer support?


so sad,cotact support


Recently I am facing this type of problems,

My buyer insisted me to follow his design, and he denied to accept my design concept.

I followed his design and gave him 22 times changes 2 banners, after that he asked me for source files,

I send him, then he asked me to cancel the work.

I already decline his request two times, don’t know what will happen to me.

There is any problem to decline his cancellation.


Well, since you are facing the same issue as the OP of this thread, the solution is the same. I’d refer you to a previous post in this thread:


This was due to a chargeback.
Has you can see you don’t have any protection from Fiverr so I say to you: Deal with it.