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Buyer Cancel the order after delivering the project

Sometimes, the Buyer cancels the order after approval and project delivery.
We work hard to get the project completed on time but even after the project completion and delivery, the buyer changes his requirement and if we do not work on the changes, they cancel the order. In that case, our whole work goes in vain with zero outcomes. What should we do in that scenario? *********.


You will want to hide the buyer’s name. It’s against forum guidelines to show such information.

But it looks like Fiverr cancelled it and not the buyer. Sometimes this happens before buyer uses a fraudulent payment method or ask PayPal for charge back. It happened to me once a couple days ago… 15 days after a 5 star review, the order was cancelled.

because* buyer used a

Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep this in mind.

No, It was cancelled by the Buyer. I confirmed with the fiverr support.