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Buyer canceled order after being delivered?


I delivered an order 10 days ago and wake up to an email saying the order has been canceled due to “not being delivered on time.”

I even can see where the order said it was delivered, and it said it was canceled due to not being delivered on time, but I delivered the order on time?

Is there anything I can do? Because I’m a new seller with only 4 sales, and this makes me look like I only have 75% completion rate, and it’s half the revenue of all my sales on this site, so it’s kind of a downer.


You can contact Customer Support with screenshots and tell them the whole situation they will solve it.


Thank you, I just opened a ticket with them.

Hopefully it gets resolved, because the buyer canceled after accepting delivery.


yes. you can write to CS. they will solve this. don’t get tensioned. probably technical issue as you delivered by time.


you can write to CS for solve this issue


Sorry to say customer support will barely help… Be ready for their caned automated response!!


Hopefully that won’t be the case. I just don’t understand how someone can cancel an order that they accepted delivery on.


I got a message like the one you got about not being delivered on time when it WAS delivered on time and was told that is the standard message fiverr sends for a cancellation on an order, which I found strange but they assured me that no matter why it was cancelled this is the message.

I find it peculiar.


One day I wake up and saw my two orders has been cancelled . I had completed those orders before 1 months ago of that day. I have got positive review also . But suddenly orders cancelled. That can happen for payment issue of the buyer. My 3 orders has been cancelled for that issue .Fiverr can not do anything on that case…


Hi @thegoatch and @misscrystal,

Have you been punished twice (cancellation + delivering late) or just for cancellation? I mean, which one of your stats have suffered, both of them or just one?


Just the cancellation. There was not a late delivery and nothing appeared as being late. Just a message it was cancelled due to being late. I don’t recall ever delivering anything late. My stats did not change since there wasn’t a late delivery.


It’s good to know that even though the message says late delivery, only cancellation is taken into account. This type of cancellations look a lot like chargebacks…


Well I have no idea why the cancellation actually happened since it was not late.

This is the message now no matter why there was a cancellation, that it was late.


Looks like for me it was Order completion that dropped, was at 100% and dropped down to 75%.

Since I’m new to fiverr it’s just a bit discouraging that this can happen so easily.

I just know it got cancelled 10 days after they accepted delivery and everything.


I’m sorry this happened to you :frowning_face:

You need to bring in more orders and have them complete to level up that stat, it dropped so drastically due to not having enough orders. Sadly, this rate is volume-based so, the less quantity of orders you have, the stronger 1 cancellation will hit you. :frowning_face:

Anyway, don’t be discouraged and just work you way up :wink: