Buyer canceled order for no reason ? Does that count against me the seller?


I just had a buyer order one of my gigs and then an hour later request to cancel the gig for no reason. Will this count against me on Fiverr? I am new here and just starting out and that would have been one of my first orders.


Agree with Bachas, It counts against you and there’s nothing you can do about it unless Fiverr re-examines this policy.

I reported 5 cancellations that in which the buyer really stated in their messages to cancel because he/she ordered by mistake or did not read terms properly but it was still counted against my gig. CS told me “we cannot remove orders from calculation of cancellation ratio” Now I have 17% cancellation mark on my gig. I try not to let this thing put me down, it’s just frustrating :frowning: