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Buyer canceled the already delivered order!

Hi, If anyone also gone through from this, please comment.

I had a really bad day and all the sudden my buyer just vanished, I clicked on his username (shanejunkert) but Fiverr says The user account you are looking for is no longer available. What is going on?

It was a $100 and i completed it as he reviewed it for 5 stars and gave nice comments, and after 2 days he just canceled it on his own. How would i get that money back?

Fiverr has a shit policy for this. Very bad experience with it. It was my 2nd project.

This happens when buyer have dispute with paypal. You can’t do anything at this stage. Just forget and move on.

That’s PayPal or Fiverr’s fault not mine. Just ridiculous. End of fiverr. By the way thanks for moving on encourage thing…

I don’t know that I’d forget about it – If they are disputing with Paypal, I’d show that you completed the work and fight for if if it’s $100. Paypal is EXTREMELY fair and allows you to provide all kinds of documentation and makes a judgement based on that.