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Buyer canceled the Completed Order after 7+ days even order was marked complete with 5.0 ratting and excellent feedback and delivered on time and client was fully satisfied and he promised to order more in future, i lost my $360 order today


Today happen with me. A buyer canceled the 5.0 rated completed order after 7 days And my $360 completed order with 5.0 canceled and i lost my money, the buyer get all the original files including source files and gives 5.0 review and after some days order is canceled. Even he promised to order more work. This is very bad Fiverr policy. After order complete by buyer the order cancel should not be allowed. Fiverr must change its order cancellation policy such that if buyer have to cancel the order then buyer should be allowed only to cancel the order before marking the order as complete BUT when order is completed by buyer him self and with such a beautiful ratting then fiverr should never allow the buyer to cancel it. My dear fiverr i LOVE you. But please do something in this regard to secure the sellers. Today i lost my $360 order. It is a big loss for me. I did hard work and i delivered all files and on time delivery and got 5.0 review and in return i got order cancel after 7+ days. Too much worried from the time when when i wake up in the morning and saw this. And right now i am just going to talk the support. But i dont think so that they will get my money back. But still fiverr i LOVE you because you are only my source of income. But please dear fiverr protect the sellers in this regard and please change your this policy.


You should submit a ticket about this. How can someone cancel a completed order with 5.0 rating on it. It must be a bug. :sweat:


No This not bug. It happens. I am just typing a support tickt.


This sounds like a Paypal Chargeback which Fiverr has no control over.
Is the buyer’s account still active? If not then it is definitely a chargeback.
Read my post with info and advice about this.


I didn’t even know someone could cancel an order after completion and reviewing. I’m new to fiverr, so I don’t know if this is just a bug or if it’s really possible. I don’t think Fiverr should allow clients to steal the money that we earned and keep the assets we create.


Hi Dear, Thanks for reply. Yes, You are right the buyer account is not available.
So does this means that now i will never get my money back???

I worked hard and buyer was happy and fully satisfied. It is injustice.
One more point to discuss is that buyer profile is appearing as TOP Rated Buyer in fiverr inbox.

I have also submitted a support ticket with screen snaps from conversation with buyer. :disappointed:


First time happens with me like this way…


these kind of thing is not Bug - Contact the Fiverr CS and register your complaint with full details and order page info.


Take heart. It’s horrible and may the thief pay in other ways (karma).
Its unfortunate how Paypal has consistently made it easier for buyers to scam sellers. These scams can be dealt with if card companies and sites like Paypal implement biometric technology. But, they are unwilling. When you link your Paypal to the card, part of the step should be matching biometrics. This could prevent someone from using another person’s card.

Maybe I am wrong about the possibility of such a solution, maybe someone can correct me. But my belief is that this is possible as the technology is already there.

For now, we can only suffer until someone will come up with such a solution.

I wish you all the best and may you get so many orders.



At the end of my post regarding chargebacks, you will find some advice about what to do when it happens. It is not guaranteed that you will get your money back but for the amount you have lost, I think it is definitely worth trying.
As you have already submitted a ticket, you should just wait for customer support to respond and see what they say.


Feeling for you too. Definitely read Eoin’s post and fight it, I just saw a forum post by someone it happened to who replied to a thread like this after some time to say a solution was found and she got her money back, after all.


Who is she who get her money back? Can you send me her profile URL if she is in your search range, i will talk to her and ask her that how she get her money back!

If it is possible for you then you can send her profile URL to me.


Hey! this can never be happen, After Order completion, Nobody can return money to buyer


Thanks for well wishes dear brother. God bless you. And May you get so many orders too. Amen. :slight_smile:


My sympathies…that’s a very frustrating situation. I hope Fiverr is able to resolve it favorably; their CS has been very helpful to me on multiple occasions.


It can happen. There are too many cases like this. Just first time happened this with me. But i came to known through forums that it have happen with too many sellers. “eoinfinnegan” guided me that it happened due to pay-pal charge-back. And i think he is true. Now i am just waiting reply from customer support. Because i have already submitted the support ticket in the morning. I hope so that soon i will get a response from support team then i will share my experience and response from support team. Now my all hopes are on support team only…


Yes dear, my all hopes are on support team only. Best of luck to me.


I’m so sorry to hear that @fahadjee

It happened twice to me in 2015, a buyer placed 2 orders, $35 each, when the funds were about to be cleared, both orders were cancelled and the buyer account was removed. I lost the money

CS said that the orders were cancelled because the buyer was able to cancel the PayPal payments

I was really pissed off because I worked hard to provide a top-notch service, then I let it go,

There will always be people trying to cheat on you and/or break the system, in my experience, they are a few, most of them are good buyers

Don’t look back, just keep going



This happened with me too, I lost my $$ and fiverr was not much of a help. This is Paypal Chargeback which fiverr don’t have control over, you can contact fiverr and asked for their paypal info and then try contacting paypal company, or ask fiverr to reveal their email address contact the person there.


Yes, But now in future each time whenever i will be working with a new buyer and even after the completion of order with 5.0 ratting and beautiful feedback, i will remain in fear of such situation.

Yes, you are right that i just keep going. Thanks for appreciation dear brother. God bless you.