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Buyer canceled the gig even after I completed the order according to his requests


I was asked to make a calender application according to certain requests made by the buyer but after I delivered my order he claims that I have left something out (he was not able to run it on Internet Explorer) but the in truth he didn’t knew how to run it because IE has some security features which won’t allow that to happen under normal circumstances, I tested my application and it was working fine with IE and it took me a while to understand why he was not able to run it when he sent me a video but he already contacted the support and had the gig canceled, I tried to explain why he was not able run it and provided links from Microsofts’ own website which clearly explains the process and tried to tell him the correct method but he won’t listen and keeps saying I didn’t do what he asked and won’t even reply. I contacted fiver support regarding this problem they say that they cannot force the buyer to re-order

(they can cancel the gig after the order has been delivered but they cannot help the seller who worked hard on his order). This incident makes fiverr totally one-sided? or is there a way to deal with this situation? (order was of 6 gigs each one was canceled). He got everything without even paying for it.


This is something Fiverr should really look into it, because we sell creative work and if the people cancel the order they should provide with a link so Fiverr monitors that they are not using the creative content for free.