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Buyer Cancellation


I want to know that If the buyer cancels the order then it will effect on seller profile or not?


Yes it will effect your account in some form.


But why it create an effect and some form mean?


You can ask Fiverr why :wink:


Here is an article about cancellations:


Yeah it will effect your rating, you will have decreased traffic from search if you go below 95℅, I am the current affecty ( no orders from weeks).


I made my 2 first sales,client was happy and rated me verywell… and Zazzzzz 2 cancellations and Fiverr took my money back and send it to the client… And my effort? My time? My work? Who pay for it?
Fiverr REALLY Sucks…!! They do not support sellers…they only ■■■■ sellers…


Yes, it will affect your profile. But if you are wonderful the right point, then don’t hesitate to contact Fiverr support. But if your work is not up to the mark, then it’s better to request buyer for revision or otherwise do mutual cancellation