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Buyer Cancellations

Hi All…Its only happened a few times but it is frustrating. I can almost sense when its going to happen. A buyer orders a gig and give VERY precise instructions telling you exactly what they want. The order is filled to very exacting standards and immediately the client says not what I wanted and sends a cancellation request - not even asking for modifications. If I was a suspicious person I might think some orders are placed to get the service with no real intention of actually paying! Also had a client place a couple of order only to IMMEDIATELY cancel saying it was ordered by mistake. This affects my stats does it not? Thanks goodness 99% of the clients are awesome…


I’ve moved on to request a voice chat before sending any custom offer, and refuse any order placed without prior contact. This in an absolute need in creative fields, specially when you are working professionally with big budgets.

That’s a great attitude. In business, there are always problematic people. We can’t let that dictate our success or our happiness! The key is to adapt, even to things that may be unfair. We are never powerless and there are lots of lovely buyers to soften the impact.

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I am new in fiverr, i have not face this problem, isn’t there any option to complain against buyer? There would have bad people, but most of the buyers are good.