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Buyer cancelled $10 order


For my second order ever, the buyer bought 2 gigs, and once I delivered it, he cancelled the order. I have a 14 day completion period, but told him it would have it to him earlier than that. I was a day late for the earlier time I promised him, but still on time for the 14 day time limit. Does he still receive the product? Should I have still gotten my payment?


Thank you for the replies, they are helpful.


Is that the cover for The Great Gatsby?

Perhapse the student needed the report and being late the one day made him/her not want it. It shouldn’t be an automatic loss. However, generally speaking fiverr will not “require” a buyer be happy.

You can deny the cancellation. But you risk getting bad feedback.

I see and honor how much work you do, so I do not want to be flip and say…let the bad buyer go.

Try to work it out with him/her in message, I would say.


I tried to send a message, but I received a notice instead saying I couldn’t message him for privacy reasons. I don’t know how to deny a cancellation though.


Reply to @williammarkley: He must have blocked you… :frowning:


Sounds like something happened with his PayPal and the order was force cancelled. Occasionally this sort of thing happens, though it is very rare. Stick with it, I doubt you will have this happen again for a very long time :slight_smile:


Ouch! That sucks, I just went through your profile and the work you are doing is awesome. It requires a lot of patience to read a book and analyse it. I hope you get your money


Keep at it and don’t let this one get you down. Like mintyone said, these things are very rare.


Keep at it and be more focus. Thump up


You learned a lesson and I have learned this too in the past. Never promise the buyer that you will deliver faster than what you put on the gig. You said 14 days for a reason. Right? So don’t tell the buyer that you can deliver it sooner. Just say you will try to deliver it as soon as possible. If the buyer orders your gig, then the buyer has to be bound by YOUR delivery time and not the other way around.

However, if you deliver it sooner, great and definitely make a big deal about it to the buyer so you get a good review.



Reply to @williammarkley: well , just get in touch with Fiverr admins, if you have delivered the job you have right to get the payment, even if your buyer say that he did not use your work, he can’t proof it.

so just go to support and let them know, if it’s not too late.


Reply to @arnevb: Samples. A good idea.