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Buyer cancelled a £250 order to get music video for free

Hi all,

Sorry If I rant a bit, I’m not happy about this at all.

I deliver a film to a buyer, They say they like it generally. They give me a few revisions, I’m prepared to do them. I start working on the revisions, and the buyer gets back to me: ‘I’ve had a call with my manager, and your initial delivery dosen’t align with my vision for this video - therefore I have to pull the plug on this.’ The buyer forgets to mark the order as in revision so 3 days later the order is marked as complete, then: Cancelled Payment Refunded to Buyer. I assume the client has been in contact with customer support telling them that my order isn’t good enough for them, and they’d like their money back.

In other words, I’ve been screwed over by this particular client. They got a music video for free by lying that they were not happy with the rough cut. I think more control needs to go into sellers hands, essentially - Every gig on fiverr is free now, because any client can claim that a sellers delivery ‘isn’t good enough’

What could I possibly do to get my hard earned money back?


I hate to say this, but you do know that there is a possibility that the Buyer was right, right?

I’m not picking on you.

But some Buyers are difficult.

Maybe the Buyer had a vision of what you could do and as stated, it didn’t quite align with it.

It happens.

Sadly, the Buyer did not put the order into revision, which may have helped you a bit on that situation.

I would just go forward from here.

Use it as a lesson and maybe tighten up your Gig requirements by adding something about revisions require (fill in the blank).

Don’t let this spoil your feelings about Fiverr or freelancing.

Maybe block the Buyer as well.

Hopefully, you were professional in all communication so that you don’t have something come back to bite you later.


Hi, Sorry - I wrote this in a bit of a rush haha.

Yeah so as I said earlier, the client was initially happy with my rough cut, Only once he got a call from his management he decided to cancel this order. (i’m convinced it’s because he simply does not want to pay.) The issue I have is that clients can essentially get away for not paying for a buyers hard work. It’s almost like shoplifting. I think regardless wheather the delivery was good or not, A buyer makes a decision based on a sellers portfolio and reviews and that’s a risk the buyer should take, not the seller.

I do feel that this was a good rough cut, and It’s reinforced by the client’s initial comments about the video.

Irritating that they can get away with this… This is my 19th order on this site, and now my order completion rate has suffered.


Not sure who in their right mind would use a rough cut as a final product especially if they were ready to spend £250 on it, and if the rough cut was that good then you need to make your rough cuts a bit less polished(?).

I don’t know, personally I have to side with the buyer on this one.

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I completely agree with you. The whole point of a rough cut is so it can be refined. As I say, I was very happy to refine and work with the buyer on the specific revisions he had, But he pulled the plug based on the rough cut alone. I find it disingenuous that his initial comments were excellent, but then this…


You make a good point there. Although it is possible that they had been making those comments themselves and once they showed it to the director, or their manager, they decided it wasn’t on par with what they needed, in fact, saying that makes me think this person could’ve just been some middle-man that claims he can edit and outsources the work.


This buyer obviously wants to make money off of you. I myself have had a case like this happen, and it’s super annoying. In my case, I got lucky and was able to contact customer support and I guess they decided I was right and refused to refund the order to the buyer. But this happens extremely rare.

I don’t think there is much to do, but you should try to ask them if they would like another revision. See what happens.

This kind of situations really annoys me. Partially, you present most of the work to the client at the very beginning and they have the right to use them without payment. So it seems like we just have to deliver them hoping not to be scammed and believing their promises?? i don’t know…


It is, But how is that fair? I’ve spent an awful lot of time working on this, I should reimbursed for that time! It shouldn’t be possible to pull the plug once a seller has spent their time working on an order regardless of weather the client is happy or not. Of course I want my buyers to be happy, and I’m always prepared to have a video chat with them and discuss revisions, Which is why I have so many good reviews. But I think regardless of weather the buyer liked the delivery or not, the seller should always be reimbursed for their time.

Reply to Kometbeats

I agree but part of the reason, if not the main reason, why Fiverr works so well for buyers is because it ensures that the work buyers receive suit their needs, and if a buyer isn’t getting the value they need then Fiverr makes it easy on them by giving them their money back and encouraging them to look for other sellers.

I understand your frustration because time has gone in but you’ve received nothing in return, but I’d encourage you to just learn from this experience , I learned to stop giving special treatment early on because of bad experiences I had with people that take advantage of that, sadly you learnt that in a much harder way, so, as I mentioned before, make sure the rough cut is rough.

Good luck!

Thank you. It is important to note, and in retrospect this is a big mistake I made. The buyer did offer to reimburse half of the initial order to me, but I declined as I initially wouldn’t be prepared to work on that video for £125, I wanted to recive the full ammount: what I worked very hard for. I didn’t relise this (frankly) loophole existed. I’ll keep all of this in mind. Thanks for the comments all

Blockquote So it seems like we just have to deliver them hoping not to be scammed and believing their promises?

Spot on, If I take on a client paying me £1000 and I’d work over 3 months time i’d be shitting myself, any moment they could turn back and cancel the order.

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The problem I see here is that you DELIVERED a rough cut. If you pressed the delivery button and instead of the finished product you just sent a rough cut… I can see why Fiverr would cancel this.

So, was your rough cut a delivery? Or was it just sent via a message and not the delivery?

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I always deliver every cut, So rough cut is a delivery, v1 is another delivery, v2 is another delivery. Isn’t that the point of the ‘in revision status’? I’ve done this for all of my clients…

If it was a rough cut, why did you send it as a final delivery? Was it that good? If not, seller can’t do anything with an unfinished job.

Only final deliveries can be marked as complete. Drafts should be sent through the order page as an attachment file. That’s why it got marked as complete. As long as you don’t send the final delivery you can always ask for extra time in resolution center.

I’m sorry this happened, but it could been preventable.

Perhaps It’s not really a rough cut then, I consider the cut before the client reviews it to be rough… Guess we could call it v1?

Be hella cautious because this can easily get an order cancelled and refunded. Sending unfinished work is against Fiverr ToS I think so

Ahh yes I see the issue, Ok these are not drafts or unfinished cuts. This is the first ‘finished’ cut the client sees. I call it rough, because the first cut the client sees always needs refining.

So it is kind of like a milestone work?

I mean I don’t deliver work that’s half completed… It’s just rough because the client hasn’t seen it yet. I edit the whole film, then deliver a Rough cut or V1, and then that is set by the client to ‘in revision’ and we proceed from there. I’m not sure how this has got anything to do with this order though?