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Buyer cancelled a completed & 5star rated order?

in May this person made an order, everything went great, got a 5 star review, no negative communications at all.

then today i’ve been notified the order was cancelled and they have received a refund??
on an order that was accepted, completed and rated 5 stars, its voiceover, so effectively they have used my audio for FREE. i can’t believe how terribly fiverr looks after their sellers, this is not okay - people should not be able to cancel an order after they have already approved and rated it - especially after almost 4 months!

I’ve put in a ticket because this is ridiculous, but has anyone else had this happen? what was the outcome?

Was the order “cancelled by the buyer” or “cancelled by Fiverr support”?
If the former, it was probably a chargeback, in which case:


notification says cancelled by the buyer, but thankyou for that link, helpful for the future :slight_smile:

Please let us know about your update
I want to know how fiverr CS handling this matter :slight_smile:
Hopefully you can get a good end.

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Cancelled after four months?? How is that even possible? I made a thread about whether or not Fiverr protects it’s sellers… This makes me wonder even more about that. Hope things work out for you.

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