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Buyer cancelled a completed order after giving 5 stars

This is new to me. A buyer approached to me wanting me to resize 120 pics for his website. We agreed on a custom offer and after I sent him it, he paid for it.

I did everything he asked me to do (resize the pics) and after finishing he completed the order giving me a 5 star review.

Day by day, he asked me to resize even more pics, because apparently some of them (which I worked on) were replaced and I needed to do it again. I did it without asking for money and this counts as revision, but I never got paid for it.

He kept changing the pics that I do and adding more that needed resizing and I simply told him I’m too busy to handle his request. He got angry and cancelled the order that was already completed and reviews were given, and Fiverr sided with him. I lost the money and he got refunded.

Now tell me, how ridiculous is this?! I contacted CS but I doubt they can help, I don’t know. The buyer was visibly happy with the initial results and the proof is in our messages.


Once order completed, you don’t have to do any revisions.

Obviously you can give few Post order services for free (simple jobs), Like clients generally ask me for specific resolution of pic/vid which is a genuine request. So I do that for free.

I never knew that Buyer’s can cancel the orders after completion.

I did the revisions out of generosity, I just don’t want to leave them unsatisfied. But this specific client acted arrogant and tried to get his money back after he was visibly happy with the work I did for him.

I’m 100% sure I didn’t do anything against Fiverr’s rules and have all the rights to claim to reverse the cancellation. I just wanted to hear what you guys think and what maybe I should do besides contacing the support team, if they are helpful at all.

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Well, we don’t exactly know the exact issue. But since the order was completed “Your Job was done there” for which you gets the money.

You should go for the CS.

CS isn’t helping at all. They’re trying to convince me the buyer has provided them evidence to cancel the order.

Any other way I should go with this? Would contacting another rep help?

Please see: Fiverr is not helping me. Client ask for refund after everything was done

You’ll have to refer to the TOS, and review your conversation with the buyer. If there’s anything you did in the ‘grounds for cancellation’ then yeah, Fiverr will side with the buyer. If not, you might have grounds for counterargument.


Just spoke to them, and although the buyer went against the TOS by requesting more revisions after the order was completed, Fiverr decided not to do anything and told me that the order should stay cancelled.

Did you send him custom offer offering Unlimited revision ?
Did you check if that cancellation was Charge back or CS cancelled it ?

I didn’t set a number of revisions, I thought leaving it blank would mean none.
CS cancelled it, not a chargeback.

That’s sad, I never faced something similar but just out of curiosity did they gave you a reason why they did it ?

No. As I said, the buyer was happy with the final delivery but when I refused to do more revisions he got mad at me and cancelled the order. As if I didn’t do my job. He kept changing the final results so that I need to fix them again after completing the order and blamed me for changing the result.

I mean CS gave you reason for cancellation ?
You werent offering revision at all and you did job done on time and buyer accepted that…so you must ask CS to tell you reason why they cancelled and why they still want that order to remain cancel ?

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Maybe you should have said something different than you were too busy to handle the request at that point. Maybe say your revision option is for revising the existing images that were specified in the original requirements and not for resizing brand new images that weren’t previously specified (or some better way of putting that). Maybe put your revision policy in the gig description. Also you could mention that the offer didn’t include revisions (and maybe that you will revise the existing images if needed).

If CS check the messages they need to see the reason (eg. that the request was outside what was agreed/additional work rather revisions to existing stuff) and not just that you were too busy to do the request.

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I don’t even understand how they do this - I just opened my past orders (when I was a buyer) and I don’t see any option to cancel the order, that was finished :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If everything was exactly how you say, just contact CS and wait- it will take time tor them to reply, but provide the screenshots of your communication and everything else.

And remember - do not start to work before the order started and do not work out of order - it is absolutely ok to help buyers, to do some additional work with discount, or after the order was finished, it will make your service much better, because you will provide a very high quality service. BUT correct something in the past order and working for free is not the same


You’re most likely right. I learnt my lesson.

But objectively I think the buyer basically scammed me and got away with it.

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