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Buyer Cancelled after the Funds Cleared-Support not replying?

Good day, I am a level, two seller!

I had completed an order with a buyer, even the buyer gave me reviews, accepted the work, the order got completed.
Even after 7,8 days, the funds got cleared for this particular order.
Then I got a notification, that the buyer has cancelled the order(the work is still 100%, nothing is been unDone), and my balance went to -(negative) balance?

I have asked support, it is been 24 hours now, they are not replying?

Can anyone help me with this?

Be patient, it often takes 48 hours to hear back from support. I am sorry this happened to you. It is one of my biggest fears. This sounds like it could be a PayPal chargeback. Use the search feature to learn more about this. :no_mouth:

The buyer did a PayPal chargeback. Check the buyer’s profile I’m sure Fiverr would have banned his/her profile. Unfortunately, this would affect your order completion rate. Sadly, there is nothing you can do about it. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Motivate yourself and keep moving.

This happened to me. Fiverr’s response went along the lines of “sorry about your luck.” I demanded that the buyer be banned from ordering any further gigs, to which Fiverr replied they’d consider that option. In short, I delivered a project, didn’t get paid, and Fiverr counted it against me. Absolutely unethical.

Yes, the buyer did something unethical… It happens to all business owners occasionally, but it’s still very annoying. Sorry!

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Well, all in all, I think if fiverr cant manage these things, then we must be allowed to manage on our own
like if a buyer buys a service, I am a seller, it’s not my duty to take payment from the buyer, well cut it short, sellers got no rights!