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Buyer cancelled an accepted order after a month

I had a $60 order which was accepted after a Revision, buyer also left a 5* review over a month ago. A few days ago, I got a notification saying that that gig was cancelled and the buyer refunded, even though I delivered the work, it was accepted and the buyer left a 5* review? Very concerned as they buyer is free to use the work I delivered, but I have had the funds taken from me. I had no choice in this cancellation. ‘THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE.’

I contacted the buyer (thinking it was a Bank issue) but he said he decided he no longer liked the work I did. To my knowledge, it’s in the T&C’s you can’t cancel an order based on those grounds, especially not after a month. I have contacted Fiver CS 2 days ago, no reply yet.


He probably did not use Fiverr, but asked for Paypal to refund his payment. In that case Fiverr has to take money from you but at the same time they should (they do this) ban the buyer. It doesn’t help you regarding your lost money but…

That makes sense, thanks for the info! I think I read somewhere that Fiverr will replace the funds in cases like this (not sure though). I spent a full day on his order, and didn’t earn a penny.

Definitely reach out to seller support/customer service for this. The buyer stills need to pay for the work, whether they like it or not, as long as it met the expectations.

OP wouldn’t be able to contact the buyer if it was a bank refund, since those immediately get the buyer banned off Fiverr. I think it’s more likely that they contacted CS about 2-3 weeks after the order was accepted saying they want to cancel it and CS only then got to read the ticket and decided in the buyer’s favor.

Not always. Sometimes they stay active for some reason. That’s why it’s not really an indication of that was a chargeback or not.

@glastudios :point_down:
Chargeback or cancelled by fiverr

Now you just need to wait for CS to reply, t might take up to 10 days right now.


I reached out to seller support 2 days ago, still no reply yet. Hoping they can shine some light on this!

I explained to the buyer that the work still needs to be payed for. He got aggressive, started claiming that the work was never good (contrary to his review), got quite abusive so I blocked him, he then signed into a different account to continue his abuse, threatening to have my account terminated. NOT a great experience!

I think you lost your money. You may not get any support in this issue. It’s very sad.

Please do not spread misinformation. You are not fiverr support and you can’t know if they will be able to resolve this issue or not.


Had a similar incident recently but it’s clear from the email I received that it was due to a chargeback. Fortunately my order fell under some type of fraud protection and I was able to receive my earnings 7 days later without it messing with my stats.

Yes, thanks for your suggestion. I have replied because of having an experience about 2 years ago. But now I am new here. thanks.

Thank you everyone for your opinions on this situation. CS replied saying ‘The buyer canceled the order directly with their payment provider’. And that I cannot get paid. A sad situation, nothing about the buyer being banned mentioned.

Update: Fiverr were able to reimburse the money I lost from the cancellation! Great result.


WHAT? Is that even possible???

If this could really happen, it would really amaze me.
By the way, what if there are no funds in my account at that time? How can Fiverr withdraw buyers’ money from me?

Your earnings will be negative. They will take it from next order.

What happened ? Have you got any solution?

Update: Fiverr were able to reimburse the money I lost from the cancellation! Great result.


Yes, Fiverr were able to reimburse the money I lost from the cancellation!

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