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Buyer cancelled an order after I completed and deliverd work and also work was accepted by buyer


I think this is a big mistake of the Fiverr how can any buyer cancelled an order after the whole order is completed and work was delivered. and also work was accepted by buyer.


yes fiverr should fix this.recently also happens with me


I don’t understand how this happens. If it is all completed and delivered, then you have carried out your work and Fiverr should ensure you get paid. Major issue that needs immediate attention.


got answer form fiverr.

It sounds like he went to PayPal and processed a PayPal chargeback on his purchase. Fiverr can’t do anything about that, and so they were forced to refund the buyer’s order. This is the buyer’s fault, not Fiverr’s. Fiverr did not willingly refund the buyer’s purchase price. They were forced to do so by PayPal.

On the plus side, though, Fiverr does not like buyers who do PayPal chargebacks, and they usually ban then from the site. So, it is likely that Fiverr has applied consequences to your buyer’s bad behavior. Yes, you lose time and money in all this, but so does Fiverr.


For the record, you are quoting me from another thread where you are complaining about this as well. I answered you there. You have copied my answer, and posted it here.

Also, keep in mind, I do not work for Fiverr. I am a seller, just like you – a seller that has been around a long time and knows how Fiverr works, but a seller just the same.


I agree. Something does need to be done about Fiverr’s inability to retain payments in the case of PayPal chargebacks. However, at the present time, it happens, and it hasn’t been remedied yet. Until it does, this is unfortunate, but it is not something sellers can control.


oh, sorry boss.
i think you are form fiverr.


sorry I m not much knowledge about the Fiverr forum that’s why I think that you are Fiverr guy,
sorry sir.


Well, my surname does actually mean “boss” in German, but that’s beside the point. :wink:

The people who are employed by Fiverr do not interact much here on the forums. They have better things to do. Myself, other users, even the mods who manage these forums are all sellers – just like you. None of us work for Fiverr. Even the mods are volunteers who do what they do so that we all have a wonderful set of forums to use.


thank you for such kind of information.


This is two threads about the same topic you have started so please do not start a third.



No, it doesn’t. It is the Dutch word for “boss”. In German the word “Boss” is used as it is in casual conversations and the official translation in German is “Chef”. :wink:


My German relatives (the Baas’) lived in Prussia (before the Germans were kicked out of Prussia, and that part of Prussia became Poland of today). I have done extensive family history research. They spoke German, and they were of the German culture of that area.

My wife speaks German, and has confirmed the origin of the meaning of the “Baas” surname. Perhaps there are some variations in modern-day usage, but as a surname, “Baas” is as I have stated. I appreciate your input, though. :wink:

EDIT: “boss” and "chief’ are relatively synonymous, so the origin seems to hold up rather well, regardless of direct translation. :wink:



How can I say :crown: Queen Bee in Dutch?


Bijenkoningin (without 25 characters)


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

:ribbon: Bijenkoningin


I don’t doubt your family history research and there are surely influences in Europe across the borders, but as a native German (born there, raised there, studied there and in the Army there) and Dutch (living there half of my life and published books there) speaker I can assure you that “baas” is not the German word for “boss”.

Finally the blur thingy has a practical use.


Understood. "Chief’, “boss”, basically the same meaning and concept (i.e., “the guy in charge”), regardless of the actual spelling of the word. I’m not disputing the meaning of “baas” as a word. I’ll defer to a German native on that. But the meaning remains much the same – hence the stories passed down in my family in regards to the anecdotes related to my surname. :wink:


I think need to stop “Boss and Baas” our topic was “Buyer canceled an order after I completed and delivered work and also work was accepted by buyer”