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Buyer cancelled an order more than one month later

Hi, I’m very confused. In March 18th one guy messaged me and asked me for a fast remake of a song, he wanted it in one hour so he ordered my basic package. I did the remake and delivered almost one hour later, he was happy with the result, accepted the delivery and left a 5 star review. Now April 24st I got a notification saying that the buyer cancelled that order and the reason was: “since you missed your delivery due date of Mar 19, 2021.” What was this? the funds were returned to him but he still got the song I made! Is that even logical?, I went to the order page to see if I really missed the delivery date but no! I delivered on March 18th at 20:01 as you can see in the image below!

I don’t care about the $5 dollars to be honest, but this is something that could usually happen? I mean what if in the near future I make a work that worths more than $100 and then a month later the buyer decides to cancel the order and he keeps the work and also the money, what is this? I’m super confused right now. I hope you can help me understand this situation, thanks.


Refer this to CS asking for your money back as is seems like they probably owe you an explanation if not actually protection as per their TOS as this seems to be a totally :poop: excuse and therefore you probably deserve your pay, esp seeing a) this was a month ago and b) they still have the song (check to see if it is in use to improve your case).

it is sickening to keep seeing this sort of stuff. What is the point of a platform if they take all they give (and more seeing dignity goes with the money).



I would kick off and not stop kicking off until I a) get my money for the work I did, b) at the very least make sure that my stats aren’t screwed over because of this cancellation.


I had a balance of $120, now I have a balance of $116, where is the compensation? image

So they took $4 and left you with the rest? I don’t know how it works with this sort of thing.

They ordered the basic package of $5, so with the 20% discount from Fiverr I earned $4, so they literally kept with all the money I made from that order.

Then there is no compensation if that’s the case. Have you gone back to them to show you delivered on time?

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Yes, I just submitted a ticket to CS, I’m waiting for their response.

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Good luck with it. I’ve checked out your gigs and you have really good reviews. I would suggest you consider increasing your basic price. It’s no guarantee that this kind of thing won’t ever happen again, of course, and not many sellers want to charge more in case it results in fewer orders.

I can tell you from experience that when I increased my prices, my clients got better in terms of their professionalism, and my orders actually increased. When I was offering voice-over for a basic $5, I had experiences with buyers who were rude, entitled, and lying about the scope of work in the order, and asking for free work. So I went up to $35 basic and then a year later up to $40. This has all but wiped out dodgy buyers. I’ve had one cancellation since then but at least it was cancelled before the order was completed. I still get difficult people sometimes, but nowhere near what I had to deal with before.

I contacted my regular clients to let them know that my prices were increasing, I didn’t give any reasons (you have to stay professional and not share your beef with clients about clients) but not a single person complained. And even though I often get asked for discounts, no one asks me for free work anymore and no one has booked my gig for 150 words but sent a script for 1000 words since.

I believe it sends a clear message about your worth and your professionalism.


Thank you very much for your words! I will increase at least my basic package price, I know it’s too low and that I’ve proven myself and to my clients that I can provide a good service no matter how low the price is, so you’re very right! Thank you!

CS replied to my ticket, it appears that the user was using a hacked payment method or something like that, so Fiverr automatically cancelled the order and banned their account, so now they’ll give me back the money after a 7 day clearance period, so it’s solved!


I’m really glad that there is a valid reason for the cancellation, faith restored :slight_smile:

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That’s what I was going to say, if customer support refunds you this way, there’s some clearance time.

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One small tip. By increasing my prices I reduced a lot the scam requests and possible scammers in general.