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Buyer Cancelled Gig after it was delivered Above and Beyond why Can't I dispute this


I recently had a buyer order one of my gigs which included and delivered above what was layed out as I do with all my gigs, work was completed contacts reached and I even paid to have his product on another site as part of the gig so I am out of that money now as well, why is it that Fiver does not allow to dispute these cancellations. No contact had been made from the buyer if they were unsatisfied wit the work, to me its like they want to get as much work done as possible and cancel to get refunds but still have the results that were delivered.


Why did you pay to have the buyers info or whatever put on another site? Maybe it’s just me, but I would never pay for a service out of my own pocket on behalf of a client when we only get $5 a gig (excluding extras). That doesn’t make much business sense especially when clearly you care about your money (thus you created this post). I’m all about customer satisfaction and have maintained 100% so far but I draw a line at paying for services to go above and beyond on a job that pays a $5 base. We, as sellers, are basically here for one reason…money. The best way to make money is by having great quality and customer service. However this only goes as far as what we can provide, not what we can pay to have provided. At that point you stop making money.

Anyway, are you sure it was the customer who canceled, not customer support? As a whole this topic has been discussed a hundred different times. It sucks to have a customer cancel but it happens all the time. Should a customer give a reason? Absolutely! Do they have to? Unfortunately, no.

You can’t base this on what you think the quality of your work was. We all think we are the absolute best at what we do but truthfully we all have room to improve.

In this case, it probably had nothing to do with your work. It’s probably like you said, someone trying to get work for free. Fiverr allows it, that’s one of the biggest seller complaints. There is no seller protection. Each seller has to do their best to protect themselves and leave the rest up to crap luck. You can always vent on the forum but as far as getting a solution, you are unfortunately out of luck. It’s just a risk all of us sellers have to live with.