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Buyer cancelled my order through fiverr support after using my service for 5 days almost

I was about to become a Level-1 seller, All my clients were happy with my service and there were returning buyers too. I usually publish articles on Leading newspaper.
It was the time when one client ordered my service, I helped him out with every stage. Then, the article got published in the newspaper. He wanted to promote his business through my service. I did the same, published the article made the changes he told and he said: “The Article looks amazing”. The business was BINGCASES you can find it on Instagram and on google too.
After saying the article looks amazing he still gave me a bad rating bringing my service from 5star to 4.8
And after 5 days of using my service for the promotion, he canceled it through fiverr support
There was no warning, just the whole amount got refunded to the buyer and fiverr gave me a warning too.
Fiverr should actually improve themselves in this, buyers use our service and then cancel it after many days of marking it as complete.
I don’t think it’s fair
We don’t know what reason they told to the fiverr support due to which they had to cancel it. It should be a strict policy that you can revise your work but after marking it as complete you cannot cancel it.
I still removed their article from the newspaper, wrote them a mail and just wanted to share it with all of you that this is what we go through sometimes

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I think you were a victim of a PayPal chargeback. Because I tried to find an account for the user that gave you a lower rating on your gig page and that buyer no longer has an account with Fiverr. When buyers do Paypal chargebacks their accounts are taken down. I am sorry you lost both your payment for the your work and also got a poor review. :confused:

Contact the CS as they will be able to assist you. I had a similiar problem, but the CS were fast and recovered my money back.