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Buyer Cancelled Order after 31 Days of Instagram Management

So This One buyer, Came to me and I suggested my new Instagram management gig over the Instagram Post design gig.

The Buyer was very nice and patient. He wanted a Report, I gave him a detailed report on the 25th.

On the 31st He Writes a long Paragraph on how my service is not good and he wants to cancel. This Includes Post design as well. I agreed to the Request.

What do you suggest I do? I can take down the posts that I have posted for him in the last 31 days.

Any creative work has copyrights from the author(s). When you sell it, you sell also the rights to your customer to use your work in the form you agree with them. In general, in Fiverr you grant full ownership to your customer for them to use, modify or create derivative works as they see, unless otherwise stated.

When you create posts, or designs, you are a creator, hence that work has property rights. When your customer pays you, you give them the rights.

If your customer cancel the order, that is, they don’t pay for your work, you retain your intellectual rights. Your customer can’t use your work, they don’t have the legal rights to use it.

I think here is the answer to your question. I hope you find it useful for your situation.

Thank you. This makes sense.

I will contact the buyer, and ask him to take the Images down.