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Buyer cancelled order after I delivered

This is my 2nd topic about this issue. Buyer cancelled his order after I delivered. I’m sure it’s not possible to cancel the order after I delivered unless it’s a mutual agreement. This is exactly 4th time happening to my profile. How he cancelling order & his fund was return to his account. How this is even possible, He make a purchase & he easily cancel the order after I delivered with my all hard works. The payment was easily returned to buyer so where are my hard works goes ? As I said this is 4th time happening to my profile & this happening again & again which my order completion ration went from 100 to 95 in just few days. I’m ■■■■ pretty sure the buyer cancelling the order is the same person because all those 4 cancellation was from same country which is UK but different username.

I have delivered total 475 orders so far but fiverr support team doesn’t even care about me or help me any of my support tickets. When ever I make a support ticket about this issue I get same reply from support team saying that " dispute was opened with the payment method used by the buyer Due to this dispute opened, the order was canceled as the funds were taken outside of Fiverr " which clearly shows there is an option which buyer can buy any GIG with completely free of cost any number of times. I finally lost my hope & all my hard works fails.


Did you politely asked fiverr support team to try to resolve the issue with a provider and try to get your money back?
Is your ticket still open? If you didn’t close your ticket then most likely they are working on this issue and it might take even weeks or months to get your money back.


Hi Maria,

Sorry for my later reply. Yes the ticket is still open, I got reply from fiverr support team today which they asked screenshot proof which I delivered of my work which buyer requested. Just now I summited all screenshot proof. Let’s wait & see what gonna happen.

I’m also worried that today I got order from UK, I highly suspect that the person which I got order today is same person which he cancelled last 4 orders but I’m not sure. If this order was cancel by buyer then it’s a same person. I’m not sure what to do if it’s a same person.

The thing is these type of scammer buyer making fiverr account, make a purchase & then cancel order by dispute opened with the payment method used by the buyer. He always cancel like this only after I delivered my work. Once he cancel the fund was return to his bank account. After his fund was return his bank he close his current fiverr account & create new fiverr account too make a new purchase. Then he doing this trick again & again.

I’m not sure how to find these type of scammer as a seller on fiverr. But I’m pretty sure fiverr support team have an option to stop these type of scammer. People mostly use paypal for making purchase a gig throught fiverr, so once they got ticket like these kind a issue they can take down a buyer paypal details & block it from fiverr side. So that they can’t make another purchase through fiverr. Fiverr support team said that " opening a dispute is a direct violation of our Terms of Service and this behavior not tolerated. Actions will be taken toward the buyers who open these kinds of disputes " So it clearly shows that if buyer cancel like this is Illegal. I’m pretty sure if fiverr support team done this it will prevent scammer on fiverr. Because for paypal account each person have only one account.

Shame problem happened with me today, I have delivered my hard work, but cancel buyer after delevery and I talk to the customer support. But responses did not come. What should i lose 10k please anybody help :slight_smile:

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Contact support team because there is only one solution. Also don’t be rube to support team while contacting. Tell them that I deliver my work but buyer cancelled order after they got your work. I’m pretty sure you’ll get your money back.

Ok brother but fiverr support no reply late it will be 24 hours :slight_smile: