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Buyer cancelled order after me & buyer left feedback

Buyer cancelled his order after he marked his order as complete. Even this order was marked as complete by him few days back. This is like 3rd time happening to my profile. How he cancelling order & his fund was return to his account. How this is even possible, I have worked almost 3 hours straight but he cancelling order. Since it’s 3rd time my profile ration which is order completion went from 100 to 96. I guess it’s same person keep cancelling order on purpose because he want to ruin my reputation. I don’t know what to do.


Did you actually contacted fiverr support team about this matter? (And 2 others?)

Hi Maria,

Yeah I did & they said

" Unfortunately, it appears the buyer opened a dispute with their payment provider which caused this cancellation. The funds are no longer with us, they are being held by their payment provider "

I don’t think fiverr support team will help me, since they keep saying they can’t help on all my tickets.

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They you should kindly ask them to try to resolve this issue and ask if they would be able to try to get your money back and that you are happy wait

I asked many times & I ask them to refund my money but they said " The funds are no longer with us, they are being held by their payment provider so we can’t help "

I don’t know all 3 cancellation orders was a same buyer or different person. But when I check with buyer username is totally different from others & all profile was closed & no longer available to view. I seriously working really hard to maintain my profile ration but this kinda buyer easily makes my profile ration & my profile level down in short time.

The thing is that they can not guarantee that they will get your money back but if you ask them to send this issue to a relevant team TO TRY to get your money back then they might be able to do so even if takes month or two.

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Often these types of scammers will make new accounts or they may even have multiple accounts! :confounded:


If the dispute is with the payment provider, it’s out of Fiverr’s control, unfortunately. This is why I prefer to get many small orders than a few bigger ones.


I know right, these types people hard to find out which one is fake & which one is real

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I’ve just had this happen to me, after months of the buyer being satisfied with the order, they now obviously decided they need money for Christmas and cancelled. They blocked me so I couldn’t ask why, so they know what they’re doing and Fiverr haven’t done anything about it.

I can’t believe they wouldn’t even ask the seller for their perspective.

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