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Buyer cancelled order after rating 5 stars



Today I received a notification that an order had been cancelled 20 days after it was completed AND after the buyer had rated it 5 stars and described it as the best thing ever…the claim is that it was mutual but it was not and I did not consent to it being cancelled.

Surely this can’t be right? The buyer rated it 5 stars and received their order but is now getting their money back? Not only am I now down a payment but my 100% completion rate is now down around 85% as I am now.


That is paypal chargeback . You can contact CS and show the proof of works …

Hope you will get any solution .It happened with me 4 times…


Thanks…I’ve sent an email so hopefully they can sort it for me.
I have proof they received everything and rated it so no reason they can’t sort it.

So stupid.


Yeah . Hope you will get solution …

Best of luck


Did fiverr pay you for these cancelled orders,


No…I haven’t got any benefit… The buyers were suspended …


I got the same situation today. Order got marked as canceled, 2 weeks after delivery - 5 star review as well. I contacted the CS about it and it’s probably PayPal chargeback.
I’ve experienced it for the first time. However, many sellers got the same issue in the past and there is not that much that can be done. I just hope that they will ban the buyer so he can’t do that anymore.
In terms of the money - I can live with it. However, having the cancelation rate affected by that feels really bad. Hope that the Support will be able to set it back to the previous value.