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Buyer cancelled order and took refund after 4 months from delivery!

Today, I saw an interesting post on social media. A buyer took refunds from an order after 4 months from delivery.
Previously, he gave the seller 5 stars rating along with tips! Many of the sellers have claimed that same thing happened to them after 2/3 months from delivery on a couple of occasions. If Fiverr doesn’t do anything about this, then this platform is EXTREMELY unsafe for sellers ( in my opinion).


Same thing happened to me a few daysmins ago. Looks like fraudsters are targeting Fiverr sellers now. Sellers have no protection at all.


Sadly, there’s nothing Fiverr can do about it - it’s a PayPal chargeback.

Fiverr is PayPal’s client - if the seller loses the money, Fiverr do as well - it’s not in their interests to lose money, but that’s how PayPal works.

OTOH if I buy something through eBay and I’m not happy with it, I can use PayPal’s buyer protection to get a refund. Sadly, it does work against us as Fiverr sellers sometimes.


Fiverr should do everything to stop these fraudulent incidents, if not then sellers won’t take Fiverr seriously.


This’ll make every seller like me insecure as there’s no guarantee that any of us won’t be a victim! Fiverr need to fix this or else it’ll become an unstable platform in future!

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This thread might help:


Thanks a lot!! Now I’m relieved a bit! :smiley:

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No problem! If it’s any consolation (touch wood) it hasn’t happened to me yet. It’s one of the reasons I keep my gig prices low to be honest. It’s not worth a buyer’s time to try a PayPal chargeback and lose their account for just a few dollars. :wink:

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Yes! That’s why I’m safe too I guess! :smiley:
On top of that, just heard a good news about the friend of mine getting his revenue back from Fiverr!! Fiverr has agreed to give him the refund and continue his services! Respect!! :smiley:

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Aw that’s great news! :sunflower:

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Yes! A sign of relief for every seller if they are right at their positions!
Fiverr will support them! :smiley:

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Haven’t had that happen, but just had a scam order where the guy asked for more work than the gig offered. I did what I felt was fair, and he asks for a refund because he will “give me bad feedback” unless I do all the work asked. I finally decided to cancel. I took his article and posted it on my own blog, because if he tries to use my free work, Google will give him lower rankings for plagiarized work. As for the other work I did for him, I cannot use it, so he still got something for free. I knew he’d be trouble the moment I saw his order!

Customer service was useless. They didn’t even care about the threat of negative feedback.


I cancel when they ask for more than they paid for, unless they accept the custom order I send them after they order to pay for the extra work.

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Are you sure that the article you read somewhere online pertains to a refund for a Fiverr gig ?
If yes, please post a link to that article.
Something does not seem to be in place.
Usually, even Paypal or a credit card issuer would not consider a chargeback after 60 days, at the most 90 days.
Please share the link to that article.

So it can happen up to 180 days.

PayPal chargeback guide (from the Paypal website)

What do chargebacks mean for sellers?

A chargeback happens when a buyer asks their credit card issuer to reverse a transaction that has already cleared. This can mean that a payment you’ve received in your PayPal account could be reversed, even if you’ve already posted the goods – which can of course be frustrating.

PayPal will help you as much as possible if you wish to dispute a chargeback, but the final decision lies with the credit card company.

Someone on ebay has reported they got a Paypal chargeback 8 years after the sale.


Please share the link for that article that was seen “somewhere” on “social media”. There is something not in place as far as the chargeback / refund is concerned. Until we do not see the actual real article in reality, we are just assuming things based on some information.

I would have let him know the things he requested were not included i the price and offer custom order.

If he objects, cancellation request. No negative review and no time or service wasted. (Well minimal time wasted).

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Negative feedback is much worse than canceling the order. You did the right thing. I’ve also faced a similar issue with one of the buyer. I also knew that I was in trouble when he ordered and he made me do much more than what was asked for. As I’m a level-1 seller and the cancellation and the negative review will hamper my gig impressions and ratings, I did the works and managed to end it somehow. But in future, I’ll not tolerate it anymore.
And sometimes the CS is of no help. FIverr is buyer focused sometimes!

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I did talk with him and the incident did happen. It’s not an assumption at all. The good news is he got the refund from Fiverr as he managed to give proofs of his accurate delivery.