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Buyer cancelled order for being late by less than 24 hours

So this order was worth $500 and 30 days timeline, it was quite a huge project, however i managed to complete 90% 2 days before the deadline, i knew i would need few more days to get the project done perfectly. So I simply asked the buyer is it okay and send an extension of 5 days. The buyer came online many times but never did he replied. At the last day (no response yet) he declined the extension and no msg or anything yet. So i sent another extension for atleast 1 single day, he came online didn’t sent any msg and once again declined the request. So I thought it’s alright i will get late remark but i will any how deliver the next day. So I worked my a** off that night and next day morning and finally completed it and delivered it being 19hrs late. To my surprise the previous night buyer sent a cancellation request and I denied because it was a lot of work and effort being spent on this big order. Now comes the worst part, the buyer contacted the CS team, and CS team cancelled the order out of nowhere. So the files are delivered, the buyer has it plus the order is cancelled. Justice was far from being served. I raised a ticket with fiverr CS, all they said was

“I can see that the order was canceled because the buyer had a deadline that was not to be missed. He declined your time extension request several times which could only mean that they wanted the work delivered on time. We had no other option but to cancel and refund the buyer.”

The buyer never told me he was tight on deadline, he never responded to me since last 2 days when i requested extension. Yet i tried hard and delivered and then the order gets cancelled by fiverr. What do think guys, was it 100% my fault for being late ?

Well it happens … and I am sorry to say but it’s kinda your fault if you said that it can be done in 30 days. Move on and be more careful the next time :smiley: You can’t control everything unfortunately…


I have a lot of sympathy for you on this one! Wow, that would be really frustrating to work on a big project for a month and not get compensated for it. Your emotions are probably high right now, and I don’t blame you.

I think CS could have looked at this a little harder and seen that the buyer was non-responsive except to decline extensions. It’s a rather fine line here. But if CS has made up their mind about this, then our opinions here don’t really count.

I would suggest taking a lesson from this and always add more time to the project up front. If you think it will take 30 days, offer to do it in 35 days, etc. I always put more time than what I think I can do. That way, I know for sure I will be done on time. It’s also important to discuss timelines with the client up front. Ask how tight they are on their time frame. If you have any lingering doubts, it’s probably better not to do the project.

Again, I’m really sorry this happened to you, and I absolutely understand the frustration. I’m interested to see what others have to say regarding this. Best wishes in the future!


The thing is as per our initial discussion, the work was pretty much doable in 30 days, but the buyer started sending me the design files ( it was not discussed previously that he will provide the design, so i thought i can create simple webpage as per the requirement and get it done quickly ), the designs were quite complex on their own and had much more work than we initially discussed, however being a big order, i started working on it, and this is what i get. I am damn sure that even if i had delivered the 90% completed project, the buyer would’ve not mined at all. But he got mad because i asked for few days, sad :frowning:

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When he sent the more complex items, did you let him know right away that doing so would change the time frame?

Thankyou so much for your kind words. I just wanted to share this experience and hear back from you people. Feeling much better. And yeah I will keep in mind your advice :slight_smile: thankyou once again

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Not actually, that’s my fault, i thought i can still pull through, and I did, just needed 1 extra day.

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Well, I think that this discussion is showing some areas of improvement. :wink:

I recently had a transcription gig up for a while. It took a couple orders to get the hang of how long it might take to do certain lengths. Just when I thought I had a good grasp on it, I got a repeat buyer that gave me lots of meetings to transcribe. Totally blew my concept of time out the window. I had to be late on two orders! There were lots of people talking, and on top of that, some of the recordings were muffled due to atmospheric noise such as fans, outside noise like loud mufflers and motorcycles, people talking all at once, etc. And they still would ask me why some of the transcription couldn’t be done.

I just needed an extra day on a couple of those, like you needed on yours. It was a hard lesson on overestimating time frames, so I lengthened my estimated times on that gig. You would do well to do the same. :slight_smile: All you can really do now is apply the lessons you’ve learned from this going forward.

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For sure :slight_smile: it’s funny how for almost every big order i take about 5-20 days separately reserved apart from actual deadline incase of any issues. And i forgot in this one and it turned out against me. I just thought buyer is nice and will co-operate, but was wrong

Anyways, yeah a lesson to be learned, and somehow need to cover up for the time that was spent. Thanks for your response, it was really good to hear :slight_smile:

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well in that case you should’ve discussed with the client or support when you saw that the terms are being changed after the initial agreement… also delivering 90% 99% of the job and so on might get you in trouble



I know delivery incomplete project can cause serious trouble, that’s why i took on the late mark and continued working until work is done. I was pointing out buyer’s thinking that he would’ve not even mined if i had delivered even 90% before deadline. Although that is something i would never do.

well you can’t know that… buyers are different I run into strange requests and buyers all the time … I had one today and after he placed the order I responded with the exact message .

‘’ Hi there ,

Thanks for your order!

Please note that I always deliver everything that’s included in your package and without exception in time. You can always write to check on your order , I will respond as soon as I have the chance.

Also to make things clearer and to avoid any kind of misunderstandings I am attaching all the FAQ’s that are also present on my main gig . Please note that I strictly follow the rules here on Fiverr.


right after that he called me rude and wanted to cancel the order for absolutely no reason… so I contacted support right away , they helped . The point is that everytime you have an issue with a buyer or … even with delivering an order late or something like that… the best way to go is by contacting support . It can happen … I was very close to a similar situation where I could’ve deliver an order late because I had a family emergency … fortunately I managed to deliver in time .

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Hey, thanks for your sharing your experience, quite helpful, i will definitely keep them in mind :slight_smile:

I have had many good experiences with buyers, but trust me a single bad buyer can ruin all that

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exactly… fortunately most of them are great to work with

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Sorry you lost that sale but I would have cancelled too. Some people expect to get their orders by the deadline. I wouldn’t call someone a bad buyer because of that.
He had already waited 30 days!


Offcourse he would’ve wanted it, but then was it really difficult for him to respond with the same message 2 days before the deadline when i requested for extension. And 30 days was completely justifiable for the amount of work it was initially according to discussion, so it’s not like he had to wait long for some small job.

One thing I do believe is that clients should have knowledge about their task as well, about the complexity. And many buyers do have that and thus understand the situation of extension. Some don’t

Um, you are the seller. It’s up to you to decide to do the work by the deadline. This isn’t the buyer’s fault, it’s your fault. You are the one who is in control of it. I’m not saying that to be mean. I’m just saying that all the excuses in the world won’t change this. If you couldn’t do it by the deadline then you should have cancelled it yourself. That’s what I would have done.

I wouldn’t have objected to the cancellation if I had been you.

I guess you and I have different thoughts on what a deadline means.

If you insist you were not at fault then who was at fault? The buyer?

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I agree every seller should work by deadline. However, I believe co-operation from buyers is also what is needed. Most of them are, but some of them are not. Had he communicated to me that the deadline cannot be crossed at any case, i would’ve been extra cautious and cancelled it then if i would’ve not been able to. But he chose not to respond and declined extension on last day without any msg.