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Buyer cancelled order for no reason

I was polite, excited for my first ever order, and I completed the order on time to the buyers satisfaction. They even gave me a $5 tip. The day I was supposed to finally receive the funds, the buyer cancelled because I “had not delivered on time.” Thankfully, I believe Fiverr looked at this and saw I delivered on time, so I am still receiving $12, just not the $4 amount for the tip. (The fact that Fiverr takes 20% of a tip is another issue.)

My question is this: why does the buyer have two weeks to cancel their order? I feel that they should only have 3 days after the order is completed to cancel. They gave me 5 stars, but now I have a cancelled order on record. Why aren’t the funds processed immediately and simply held until the buyer accepts the work? I feel that once the work is accepted, it should not be able to be cancelled.

I am thankful Fiverr was able to get me my $12, although I can only have it in another week once it finishes processing again. Overall, an upsetting experience. I wish I could re-rate the buyer.

TL;DR: Buyer cancelled order day of funds finishing their processing; I still received part of my payment, but am upset by the experience.

Unfortunately this is the way it works, some buyers accept the delivery then cancel after a few weeks and try to get a refund. Maybe it is something fiverr needs to have a look at. Do not dwell on it, work on getting your next order and provide great service.