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Buyer Cancelled Order - Now Using Content!

So, a buyer makes an order without giving any reason they want to cancel. I ask them and they tell me that it wasn’t what they wanted. Fast forward a month, I was going through my canceled orders and decided to check it out. Turns out, they’re using it exactly the way I provided they didn’t even bother changing the title - what are my options here people?

I checked their profile and they were active one day ago. Should I confront them or what other options do I have?


Contact Customer Service?


Contact Customer Service and they will get a way for you. If you have a screenshot of your delivered work, you’re on the strong side.


Do they deal with this kinda stuff? Have you ever had a similar experience? What was the outcome?

I haven’t but they likely have. If you get lucky, they will give you some insight beyond “try communicating with the buyer”.

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As a seller you have several rights. If you have delivered the work with the screenshot, you can go to the Customer Support and they will take it from there.

Well, if it’s a small order, forget about it. If it’s a big order contact customer support.

It’s $25 what do you recommend. Should I at least confront the buyer?

$25 is not that small. Take action.


Exactly what action?

Customer support…Trust and Safety.


You should. It’s your right. Confront him and talk with him. Just be calm and nice and try to figure out a solution by the nice way. Else you can contact the customer care and they’ll provide you a better solution. No job is small.


Thanks, I’ll do that after I send them a message just in case.

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This was another one of those “Crowned Buyers”. Acted so friendly in the start this is the reason why I have trust Issues.

A few years ago I wrote different texts for one of my clients. One of their competitor copied all my texts and put this text on their website.
I contacted their web hosting service provider and I explained them that this company had not paid me for the copyright. In the web hosting rules it was written that they do not allowed to host siteweb with copied texts without paying copyright. So, I asked them to delete these texts and gave them the proof that I was the writer.
3 days later all my texts were deleted from this website by the host company.

I think it’s better to contact Fiverr CS first and then check the rules of their web hosting company.


File a DMCA complain to the hosting company of their website. Since they didn’t pay you money, legally you own the contents. Show that as a proof too.


This is the best solution!


This content wasn’t for a site but rather online stores like etsy, ebay, amazon…etc. It complicates matters a bit.

That makes it easier for you as a take down request would most likely result in a swift ban. I would just give the buyer the standard 48 hour notice before taking legal action.


Something was happened to me as well the buyer cancelled orders and now using that stuff what i delivered him

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