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Buyer Cancelled order without any reason

Hello EveryOne,
My buyer cancelled the order when I was about to deliver the order, 4 hours were remaining from the given time and Fiverr did not ask me anything too. Please suggest what should I do. I’m a new seller and because of it my order completion is down.


It is so pity to hear about this. You can contact to customer support and they can help you


Most likely he didn’t need the stuff anymore and he went to CS. I had this happen too, you can go to customer support but there’s nothing you can really do honestly.

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But that’s wrong I have spent 2 days working on the job. Do Fiverr always support Buyer?

That is why you should never ever do Fiverr orders that take that long. It is so risky and ineffective business.

Fiverr doesn’t owe you anything different just because you make orders that are inappropriately long for this platform. It is not designed for that and the same policies apply to all orders regardless of time frame.

So sad to hear it :pensive:
I m feeling afraid too,if it is happen to me next.
Do your work soon before delivery time and deliver them soon from next time & yes fiverr most of the times support buyers. you can still contact CS.