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Buyer cancelled several orders, then disappeared

Hi everyone! I’ve been selling on Fiverr since september 2020, but I’ve joined the forums only today. I hope I’m posting this on the right section of the forum :smile:

I’m writing this topic to share the story that made me join the forum in the first place, and possibly get some feedback (maybe this happened to you too).

I had a “loyal customer” that bought one of my gigs several times in the past months. He always left me 5 stars reviews and never had any complaints. My last delivery for him was literally yesterday and he left me the usual 5 star review and no complaints whatsoever. Then, randomly, he cancelled the last 4 orders he made with me (for which he had already accepted my deliveries and left 5 stars reviews…for EACH of them), got refunded by Fiverr. Seemingly, I got refunded by Fiverr too and my earnings from these last 4 order are in pending clearance and will be available for withdrawal in 1 week.

Now, I’m not complaining for anything, but rather I’m asking myself…why? Why would he do this? It seems like he blocked me or something because I can’t even contact him to see what’s wrong. In the end, he got refunded for the last 4 orders from me, kept the deliveries I sent to him and I got refunded too. This really doesn’t make any sense to me. Did something like this happen to someone else?
Thank you!!


Is his profile still available? If he’s not on Fiverr, then he most likely did a chargeback. Which is why I assume Fiverr protected you and gave you money back.

Thank you for responding! When I try to click on his nickname to go to his profile, I get redirected to my dashboard so I don’t know if it’s just me or he deleted his profile (or blocked me). It bothers me a little bit because, for no apparent reason, I lost one of my few “affectionate” buyers… @donnovan86

I think his account has been deleted. Or maybe he blocked you. But if he did a chargeback, fiverr would disable his account and that’s probably why you can’t see his profile.

Maybe I’m misunderstanging but it means that if I buy services on Fiverr I can just do a chargeback and get my money back and keep the deliveries sellers gave me? At the “only” cost of having my account deleted? That’s really a shame…

It does not happen sometimes, and that’s why Fiverr refunded you so you don’t bear that loss

Yes but normally when you do a chargeback, you can only do it for a single payment. Not all of them.

Sounds like a chargeback! You can read more about other people’s experiences on this, type “chargeback” on the Forum search bar. There is some sort of seller protection from Fiverr but it’s determined by Customer Support. Perhaps you should try discussing with them to see what they can do

May be he had his own reasons. Don’t be upset.Go ahead

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