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Buyer Cancelled the Gig But he/ she Already and Still Post my Articles on a Website!


A buyer already post my articles on a website. Then after a month, she/he cancelled the order and asked the refund but when I visited the website, the articles are still there. And now, upon checking the buyer account, it’s no longer available. So he/she got my articles, already used and still using those articles but she got the refund, as well. What I can do with that kind of buyer? It is really unfair! How can I get justice?


At this point, there’s not a lot you can do. Unless you can prove that those articles are your work and that they predate being posted on his website, you might have a tough time having them taken down.


In the real world, you would have to send the person/website the articles are publishedon a ‘cease and desist’ letter and then if they didn’t do it, maybe sue them to get paid for the work.

Since you did this under Fiverr, there is little you can personally probably do. Did you contact customer support to report this buyer. It sounds like this buyer was already reported and their account was banned. Sometimes theft happens, just let it go and move on. What did customer support have to say about it?