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Buyer Cancelled the Order after 3 Months!

Hello Everyone!

A Buyer Ordered me 3 Months ago and He was Super happy with the work and gave me 5 Star Review, But after 3 Months He got the order cancel and my Order Completion Rate is Dropped to 98% I am really shocked that how can a Buyer Contact fiverr and get their money back and i am really worried about my Stats :frowning: Can I contact CS and get the Order Completion Rate back to 100%?

Thank You!


Chargeback or cancelled by fiverr


This is very disappointing after 3 month order cancel.

Thanks a lot! Itโ€™s really a great help to me

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@seo_specialized So sad to hear about that. You lost your hard earned money.
I have faced similar issues on other platform also.

Did you contact Fiverr and got your Order Completion Rate or money back?

This happens to me with other platform, not Fiverr. I am new here.

Talk to support regarding that issue. That may be help you to improve your completion rate.

Yeah I already Opened a Ticket and just waiting for their Reply, Thanks! :slight_smile:

They could not Return the Money However they just brought the Order Completion Rate back to what it was and thatโ€™s great news for me, Most Important is my Stats!