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Buyer cancelled the order becuase of her mistake

I’m a content writer.

I got an order for writing and I clearly stated what I will provide to the buyer. But when I delivered the content, she apologised and said she wanted something else and all the confusion was because of miscommunication and thus want to cancel the order.

Now she has cancelled the order and asked me to accept the same. Now what will happen when I accpet the cancellation? Will it affect my Gig ratings? Will it affect my Gig appearance?

Kindly let me know the effects.


I recommend that you NOT cancel. You completed and delivered what she ordered. Her order was a legal contract with you to complete the work she originally requested. You did that. She cannot change her mind after you completed the order, and expect you to agree to it.

Say no. You held up your end of the legal agreement. Remind her that she needs to do the same.

If you cancel, your Orders Completed rating will go down, and this can affect your gig placement in search results, as well as your ability to be promoted to the next seller level. It will not affect your gig appearance. Search results have no impact upon how your gig looks.


So what will happen when I decline the cancel request?

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Brother you send the cancelation requests of your buyer and it’s not too many bad effects on your gig…never give up wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100::+1::100:

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Communicate with her and tell her that you have done your work.Now even she do not need this she should pay.
as she paid for work and work is done.


No. I’m fine with the cancellation. I dont want to sound harsh. Actually she dont understand English well so she might not have understood what i said.
She also accepted to rate me. Now my question is- Can we get ratings when we mutually cancel the order? Can the buyer tell that it was her mistake in the ratings that she gives on my gig?

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You mean I should accept the cancellation request ?

Can she rate me later on my gig?

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If you accept the cancel request. you will get.

no you won’t get rating to your gig.

If she buy again. She could rate to your gig.

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No brother i say you send the cancelation request

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order is completed by buyer or auto-completed by the system if buyer doesn´t react within 3 day = buyer can leave a public review (the one that´s visible on your gig/profile) for up to 30 days + a private review which only Fiverr can see

order is cancelled = buyer cannot leave a public review but can leave the private review for Fiverr

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Hi, @abhi_m
I suggest to rework with buyer and don’t cancel. Once it happen with me too, the buyer misunderstood I replied with decline and communicated for rework. I think, reworking is far better then getting a bad rating.


You delivered the work you were paid for.
Ask the client to contact CS. She will explain them that she made a mistake and CS will give her the appropriate answer.

Thank you for the suggestion. But I cannot rework as I cant do what she wants for the order.

But she had already put the order on dispute. I dont think the buyer will take so much effort to contact the CS. I mean why will she? She can cancel the order and get her $5 right away.

If you don’t accept the cancellation she won’t get her money back unless CS accept to cancel the order (I think they won’t).
Mutual cancellation is bad for your ranking (and your business).
You have worked. You won’t be paid for your work. Perhaps this client will use your work. And the cancellation has a bad impact on your ranking.
It’s up to you…


what if the buyer posted negative review ?

You should accept that. There have no way to convince her otherwise. Also it will affect on you profile too but don’t worry it’s not a big issue. Best of luck

Then you gain a negative review. Why are you living in fear of something that hasn’t happened?