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Buyer cancelled the order before delivery


I’ve got an order from buyer, 5 days ago, I am currently working on it, but buyer wants to cancel the order, even 1 day left in delivery.

will the cancellation degrade my profile??
whats an alternative to save my gig, undergoing cancellation


If you cancel, your cancellation rate will go down:

I saw you opened another discussion:


If you already started the work, you should definitely not cancel, especially if the buyer doesn’t give you any valid reason to do so (just because the buyer wants to cancel, that doesn’t make it a valid reason)

You already started working on it, you’re still within the gig timeframe, and the buyer also paid you for your time along with the service.

You could ask the buyer to provide a valid reason why you should cancel, and if it’s not a good or valid reason, then you can contact Customer Support and tell them that the buyer is trying to cancel in the midst of the order without a valid reason.


yeah, I actually realized that, It should be in another category
That’s why I posted again


It means, If buyer canceled It,
It will not effect my positive ratings


It will not affect your ratings, but it will affect your cancellation percentage, which has similar impact on your profile as negative ratings.

You should try to reason with your buyer, explain them that you already started working and that they paid you for your time as well, not just for the service, and that you’re still on time and you won’t cancel without a valid reason :wink: