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Buyer cancelled the order but still posted the article

Hello everyone!
I have completed around 100 orders, and most of my customers are returning buyers.
So, I was working with this buyer in April. And I delivered a 2000 word article.
The buyer didn’t accept the article, and requested a revision.
I was too busy to do these modifications, and there wasn’t really any margin of revision. Anyways, I told the buyer. We mutually agreed to cancel the order. And order was cancelled.
However, today I have found out that the buyer has posted my article on their website. It is exactly the same. Not a single word is different from what I wrote for that buyer.
Can anyone guide me what I should do? I feel like this is the violation of copyrights. I mean, if someone isn’t paying me, how he/she would use my work!!


you should contact support with a screenshots of your article and a screenshot of cancelled order and ask them to reach put to your buyer to ask them to take it down.

Second step contact hosting provider with the same proof telling them that client is in copyright infringement and ask them to take down that article


I have just contacted the Fiverr support. But how do I contact hosting provider?

Please contact customer service and they’ll give the funds back to you. In the future when you have a cancellation, post the article to your own site, then tell the customer who cancelled that you have done so and they can’t use it. (Mention how Google downgrades sites who steal content.) Good luck!


Hey there! It’s absolutely a violation of your intellectual copyright - no payment was exchanged and you didn’t agree to give them the content for free, they should not have used it. In the future, set a Google Alert for any article you’re concerned might get stolen - it will help you stay informed and allow you to act quickly to seek the payment you’re owed.

Here’s how:

Note that once the proverbial “cat is out of the bag,” the Google “credit” of your original work has been spent. Even if the thief takes down the stolen content, the same content will pop in plagiarism checkers and register as duplicate content to Google site-scanning bots, effectively making it “unsaleable.” Chase down your money as best as you’re able using the force of the help desk here on Fiverr.


Thank you :slight_smile: I did contact customer service but they haven’t responded yet. And thank you for this suggestion. I really had no idea that I could do this.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: I have contacted customer service, and I am waiting for their response. However, I will make sure to do this Google Alert thing in future.