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Buyer Cancelled the Order - left Fiverr



I just came back from a vacation , I delivered a video on 2nd Feb and the buyer confirmed the delivery , even gave feedback (5 star Rating) .
When i checked my order completion rate it came down to 94% . Now the buyer has left Fiverr and cancelled the order .
He received the video and is using the video on his Youtube and website . All the funds were cancelled from my account even after delivering the video and making all the changes requested.

I really don’t know what went wrong , He is using the video and still cancelled the order :frowning:

Can anybody suggest something?

Thanks in advance


Contact CS - they take a very dim view of gigs being used after cancellation, although it may be more difficult if they’ve left the site.


This is really disappointing :frowning:


This sounds like it may be a Chargeback through Paypal. When a buyer does a chargeback through Paypal, Fiverr will suspend or remove their account.
Check with CS to see if that is what it was.
If the buyer is using the material you used on Youtube, you could possibly make a complaint to youtube as the buyer does not own it without having paid for it. Depends on how much it is worth to you though, it may be a better idea to just move on and forget it.
If you are unfamiliar with chargebacks, this post may help.


The order was for around $500 , i’m not worried about the money but this cancellation will also effect my rating on fiverr .
I hope Customer care will help me resolve this problem .


Ok, well in that case I suggest you should care about the money.
Contact customer support and find out what they say. It may be a stolen card or something like that in which case they cannot do anything.

If it was a chargeback because they say they didnt get what they ordered then CS actually can do something, I have read about others getting chargebacks reversed and getting their money. In this case the vendor (Fiverr) has to respond to Paypal within 30 days and dispute the chargeback with evidence of delivery. You can do this with screenshots of the orders, your conversations with the buyer, reviews they left, screenshot of the video on youtube etc. Obviously this can take time so establish what type of chargeback it was first before doing that!
When the evidence is submitted then Paypal will check the case from both sides and make a ruling. They act quickly and effectively, I have had chargebacks outside of Fiverr and Paypal always found in my favor except for one which was a stolen card.

Be clear in your communication with CS and be patient with them. When you have submitted everything to them, ask if there is anything else they need. You may not be successful but you will be giving yourself the best chance by doing this.


Thank you so much for the Info .


If they are still using the video, but the order was canceled you retain the copyright to the work you created. I’ll file a copyright claim on the video with YouTube. They will remove it. If he’s using it elsewhere, I’d do the same.