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Buyer cancelled the order that was completed a month ago


I don’t get how this happened, but it says that my order is cancelled and that my balance is negative number. i can’t contact this buyer like he blocked me or something like that… Did somebody else have this problem?


This must be a chargeback. If a buyer uses a fraudulent or stolen payment method or if the buyer files a dispute through PayPal or their credit card company, that is called a chargeback. When a chargeback happens:

  • PayPal or the credit card company removes the money from Fiverr, so Fiverr and the seller (you) lose the funds
  • If you have already spent or withdrawn the funds, your account can go into the negative
  • It is against the rules for the buyer to do this, so the buyer’s account is banned which is why you cannot contact the buyer

It is really unfortunate that this occasionally happens but it happens to just about every seller sooner or later. If the missing amount is under $100 you may just have to chalk it up to a loss, though you can still ask Support if there is any way for you to be reimbursed. If they say no, you are out of luck.

If the chargeback was for a larger amount and you have excellent proof of what you delivered, you should send all that to Support in a ticket and ask Fiverr to consider reimbursing you. There is a slightly better chance they can find a way if it’s a larger amount of money, but there are no guarantees. If you knew the buyer personally and lived in the same country you could file a lawsuit against the buyer, but most of the time this isn’t an option on Fiverr.


Thank you so much for clearing this out for me. I was so confused with this situation. I didn’t know the buyer, we he just made an order, I delivered it 2 hours later and that’s all,…
I contacted the support to see what can be done with this. Thank you so much for explaining it to me!


You are welcome. Good luck!