Buyer cancelled the order without any reason?


buyer cancelled the order without any reason??He talked to me 4 hours for discussing his project after that he satisfied with me completely and he placed an order and said good luck today he cancelled the order without any talk without any reason???Can anyone tell me i am going to become level one at this evaluation now my order completion is on 91%…
Am i able to become level one?? because my everything is 100%…


Check this out:


Buyers cannot cancel orders without you agreeing to let them. If the order was cancelled, the buyer didn’t cancel it, YOU did.

And yes, cancellations of any kind will hurt your cancellation rating. If any one of the four ratings on the left column of your Analytics requirements are below 90%, you will not be promoted to Level 1.


4 hours? I talk for 5 minutes TOPS and if they don’t make a purchase I don’t waste my time.


Yes I agree with you @ syedsibtyhasan1 For my services the buyer also cancelled the order without any reason