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Buyer cancelling 2 days out for not being on time


I set up a custom order for a buyer, she was to send me part one for the order immediately and part two a few days later. I had to chase her twice for part one, so 3.5 days after she accepted the offer, I finally received it the first part. On Christmas Day I still had not received part two and the gig was due to expire, so I extended the gig by a few in order to allow her time to send through the second part, which she accepted. I had not at this stage returned part one (it is completed), but wasn’t concerned as it is still days until the deadline. I have since been ill so minimal online time. This morning I checked my emails to see she had contacted me yesterday (while I was ill) to ask where part one was, and now today she has asked to cancel the order because she ‘thought I would be faster’ despite the fact she has not sent through the second part required for me to even complete the entire gig? I’m, at this stage, irritated, more so because in her cancellation request she has also added that my ‘slowness’ has impacted the timeline for her book…which makes no sense as we haven’t reached the deadline…

My question is, if I accept her cancellation will this negatively impact my rating and is it visible to future buyers?


Yes, it will affect your Order Completion rate and is more likely to affect you opportunity to get more buyers in future. But don’t worry, I see many high level sellers with Order Cancellations but they still get orders.

I’m not suggesting it’s good to cancel orders. But believe me, Fiverr does not like it when you cancel orders. And probably they will punish you for that.

But stay still and keep doing what you do best. If you traffic decreases, try the buyer request more often.

I am sorry to hear of your frustration.

I was a bit unclear, did you deliver on time or not (bearing in mind the extension)?

Or did they cancel the Gig before both deliver date & any delivery? If so, I would not agree to be canceling anything. I would be crying foul to Fiverr and asking them to either ensure the buyer grows up or they cancel the job with no cost to you seeing the customer is now going to be antagonistic.

You could complete the whole job and Deliver in time but that means more work on what will probably be a negative outcome anyway seeing the client is in a twist.

The buyer probably is offended they had to be chased for their material and maybe doesn’t even have a part two.


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