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Buyer cancelling order when I told him I'm submitting it, Seems to be SCAM

Done my first FIVERR order and now when I told the client I’m submitting for completing order.
He raised the DISPUTE saying "Project done by me don’t match the level they expected " though I made all the changes which they asked for in chats while doing project.

What should I do now?
Please help me it was my first order and I’m afraid of not getting more orders in the future?

They want a cancel saying " The quality of the work I done was poor" isn’t fair on my part I did spent my 2 days and did even small edits they required.

Can I cancel the dispute and start the delivery?


Well in this case it entirely depends on your skills and quality of the skills.

So we cant judge on that.


Thanks for responding
But he first approved all 20 designs and now saying quality isn’t good that’s not fair for seller.

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Though some buyers do take some advantages over new sellers that haven’t got any review yet, but if you are very sure that you have done a great job for the buyer, And through your chat he or she was responding positively to your amendment after his or her request to make changes to the project, please contact fiverr support and make a report, Fiverr will then go through your conversation right from the beginning before taking any Action.

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It sounds like your buyer saw all 20 of your designs BEFORE you submitted the delivery. Is that right?


yes approved them too
Now saying my team don’t like it.
Can I decline cancel dispute and send the delivery?

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did you watermark these images before the official delivery?

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I will have to go for this I guess
Asking him again and again for any new revisons rather than cancelling

No but they were of very low quality

I think you have your answer. Your buyer sounds like a scammer.

You gave him all your work for free. What incentive has he to pay you?

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but it’s a rookie mistake.

Did you submit your designs with a watermark / in low resolution so he can’t use them? I suspect you didn’t.

Have you now formally ‘delivered’ the 20 images? If not, you MUST do this urgently.


I send them low resolution designs which can’t be used.
He can have gave me low rating but no he’s declining for $10 for 20designs. I already sent them low bid for the work and after completing they don’t want to pay that’s really bad :frowning:
I think I should decline the dispute but can I deliver after that or I shouldn’t do this

It has to be your choice.

If it was me, I would decline the cancellation request along with a message saying something like “At every stage of the design process you have seen and approved the images. It was only at the point of delivery (when the work was complete) that you chose to cancel the order. Based on your actions I can only assume that you are trying to have my hard work for free. Unless you therefore stop your cancellation request and accept the delivery, I will report you to Fiverr customer support. I am sure they will be very interested to read your messages in which you approve the quality of my work at every point in the design process, and then refuse to pay at the end. Your actions can result in your account receiving a warning or being suspended”.

I suggest you send that message - but in your own words - and see what happens. Your buyer won’t like it, but tough.


Thanks a lot Sir for help
I’m going to decline the dispute and your message will guide me to have a great response for them

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Please report back in the forum and let us know what happens.

Based on your story, I suspect your buyer deliberately targeted an inexperienced seller thinking he could get work for free.

I’m not being critical of you, but offering 20 designs for $10 shouts inexperience to a buyer. They probably won’t be expecting you to fightback.

Remember, the key parts of the message are “at every stage of the design process you, in writing, approved the designs” and “it was only after approving all of the designs that you then wanted to cancel the order and get your money back” and “I’m sure customer support will be very interested to learn about your actions”.

Good luck. I hate to see sellers abused by buyers in this way.


But bare in mind that he will be able to leave a bad review (or good one) if you decide to go that way and be paid for your work.

I think buyer have done a non professional behavior with you.
And it is very difficult for first order. This is very sadness activity :cry:

Now my thinking is below.

  1. If you accept the cancellation, it will bad for your account.
  2. If you decline and go to resolution center for mutual cancellation (this will better than no: 1). The status will change after 2 months
  3. If you urges to support and if get a solution from support : Then buyer may accept the order, but you will got a negative (bad) review from them. It will be worse than No:2 (Status will never change)

Now take a decision by yourself what should you do now and which will better for you.


Well, as long as you delivered the quality that is shown on your portfolio and gig samples, then they can’t dispute for quality. But…

But what good are those 20 designs if they are…


I send them low resolution while doing project so they can’t use them until I deliver. But check those for any edits or suggestions.
I’m a newbie here.Please correct me if I did something wrong

This message you wrote is so perfectly worded… I just needed to say that :smiley:

But, in this particular case, since @merohan doesn’t have any reviews yet, I think he should just cancel it and learn from it.

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Sorry didn’t get the status part.
Can you explain ?
And also accepting the cancellation in 1) is said mutual cancellation I guess.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.