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Buyer cancelling order when I told him I'm submitting it, Seems to be SCAM

But getting 1st order cancelled will harm the profile more, what do you think?


That is not mark as mutual cancellation.
If you send cancel request and accepted it by buyer, then it is mutual cancellation.

@zerlina84 thank you! As I said, it has to be his choice.

But I think the op said he spent two days on the order. That’s a lot of time, and I’m inclined to standup to abusive buyers, simply because they won’t be expecting it.

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It will harm you more to have only 1 bad review as your only review :frowning:

For everyone who says the buyer could leave negative feedback, yes he could.

However, if customer support can see that the buyer is clearly abusing the seller - then based on my experience, CS will remove such unwarranted feedback.

When I had a scammer buyer, I was able to demonstrate to CS that I had carried out the work as requested to a high standard. CS rejected the buyer’s claim against me and removed their very critical feedback from my profile.

My claim against the buyer was based on evidence. I was able to demonstrate the buyer was a scammer. Evidence is key - hence my suggested line “at every step of the design process you approved the logos right up until the point of delivery”.

Every case is different, which is why I said the op has to make a choice. Either walk away from the order, and lose two days of time and a bucketload of pride - or stand up to this abusive buyer and report him, hopefully resulting in his account receiving a warning.


Oh i hope you get your order delivered successfully and no problem arises. As i am a newbie here i know how hard it is to get orders. All the best sir

I declined the cancellation request.
So shall I deliver the order to be on safer side?

Absolutely deliver the order otherwise you have nothing officially to show for your work.

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Submit it right now. It’s very foolish to show complete order before delivering it. Buyer had already seen all your designs why would he pay you for that. You should have sent him a sample of your work. Anyways you’re new so it’s ok. Just submit your work before delivery time. Don’t get scammed in future. Best of luck.

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Did the delivery.
Now he raised a dispute over the poor quality of work.

I sent him the low quality pics for sample while doing.
But now after delivery he raised dispute over poor quality which he approved earlier but his team didn’t accept the designs and now he trying to bail out on me.
Not even accepting revisons

That’s fine. You’ve already told us your client approved all 20 designs and only wanted to cancel the order after they had approved your work.

I can’t advise you how to run your business, but if I was you I would be reminding the buyer that “you had already approved all 20 designs and it is for this reason that I will not be accepting the cancellation request”.

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I did the same
Never going to accept cancellation.Also I need to stand else someone else will scam me.
I didn’t did anything wrong. Also raised the matter to Support

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@merohan so sad to hear your story. hope the best result come at your side. let us know how it ends. such an experience to hear. thanks

My opinion , First you deliver your order and try to understand your buyer. if failed cancel this order. and try hard for new order.