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Buyer Cancels order after 5 mins

Just now I had a buyer place an order then request a cancellation almost 5 mins after ordering. Their excuse is that they ordered by mistake.

So know I get penalised with 10% knocked off my 100% completion rating.

This Fiverr rating system just makes no sense at all


Try contacting support. They might can give you useful info on that.


I agree that notifying support might help. After this let the buyer wait while you tell support to cancel it when this happens. It might not count against you that way.


That is sad :neutral_face:

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Nonsense. This has happened to me. When pushed support say they have no control over this!!! Wow thanks guys.

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when a buyer place an order mistakenly. CS cancel the order without decreasing order completion rate :slight_smile:
i had this sort of experience multiple times.

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Been through same problem many times. I have some worse experience then that. Sometimes they said they liked the design and wanted to take some time with their partners to approve the final design and after a day or two they came and said to me they need to cancel the order without giving me a proper explanation on that. thats just frustrating.

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So my completion rating went straight back to 100%

So it seems if the buyer requests a cancellation and states Accidentally ordered as the reason, then this does not effect the sellers ratings.

This seems straight forward and fair to. me


That is not fair.
Maybe Fiverr can implement some sort of abortive fee system where the buyer has to pay at least something. But i still see some problems with that too :frowning:

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Can feel your pain… happened to me as well.

Hi @mymaha786
Though it’s did not happened with me but want to know. If buyer cancel after order then a request comes to you to accept it. If you say don’t agree and go to customer care with some screenshot prove.

What you say ? Is this not the right way?