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Buyer cancels order after completing it, 5 star rated and tipped


Hello, anyone, just had this curious message in my email inbox room fiver saying that the one buyer just cancelled his order I delivered on time on January 5. The order was completed, the buyer was very happy, he also rated me with 5 stars, he even tipped me and left a nice review. Now, after two weeks I get this and fiver announced me that they returned the payment I rightfully received, to the buyer.
I cannot contact the buyer anymore, no other explanation from fiver staff. How can I be rewarded for the time, the resources and the effort I put into that job? Do you guys had similar experiences? Will I get my money back?

I contacted customer care sending screen caps and all, but somehow I have the feeling is in vain and to be honest I paused my gig and kind of decided to leave fiverr…



You need to remove the name of the buyer from your post as that is against the forum rules.


It is probably a Paypal chargeback placed by the buyer to Paypal. You might be able to get your money back by sending a screenshot to customer support showing the five star review.

Paypal now does not allow chargebacks for services and that is what most sellers offer, a service. He would have had to say the order was late or something like that, which would be a lie if he left 5 stars.


It was a PayPal Chargeback and the buyer is banned from the website. Customer support can give you your earned money but it’s all on them. I hope you will get the money back. Please keep us updated.


i am very sorry for your experience, i hope you get it resolved. it isn’t a good thing to have nothing for your efforts.


Yes, they unfortunately don’t notify you of Paypal chargebacks when these things happy, but that’s basically the only way a “refunded to buyer” event occurs when it’s been closed and rated that long ago.

Just contact CS and inquire, and usually they’ll respond with info about a chargeback, and that they’re doing all they can to pursue it.

Fingers crossed, but it usually gets worked out if you’re polite and persistent about it!


It is the worst notification of the day! I hope Fiverr’ll try it’s best to cover your labor and time.
Post please to let us know when there is a update.

Good luck!


I’ve been in the exact same situation about 2 years ago. Sadly to say CS did not help in any way. The buyer possibly confused your transaction with another and called the bank to cancel it. The bank the took the money from Fiverr which in turn took it from you. I would say that it is extremely unlikely for Fiverr to give you that amount out of their pockets.


I had two paypal charge backs last year from the same person two weeks after the order was completed and they left two 5 star reviews. One was for $25 and the other was only $5 but it put a ding in my completion rate. All though i did have to bite the completion rate aspect, Fivver did give me $25 but only as a credit to use on the site.


Hello, everyone and thank all for your replies. I will update you, hopefully, tomorrow as soon as the final resolution will be set up between myself and the CS. I didn’t posted until now because I wanted to share with you one final and complete update. Cheers all.



I appreciate your update.

Keep up the good fight, and don’t give in your a good person and your talent and skills will shine through!


Hello back. Just wanted to let you guys know that everything was solved. I got back my payment (not the tip though) and my completion rate intact. I had to prove I completed the work and also provided the messages, but that’s normal. Cheers.


Great! really happy that you got your payment :blush:
Does your order completion rate improved ?


I’m glad you got your money back! It’s a fantastic development that we can now do this.


it was already at 100% when the project was cancelled.


indeed, however I believe it depends on the case. I didn’t had any expectation whatsoever, for example.


Hi @absynthemoon congratulations,
it is another positive news of the day!

It sounds 100% of the total but may we know the amount range you’ve got back (if you are comfortable to inform only)?
Example: 5-50 or 55-250 or 255+

Actually I’m curious to have the idea about how much Fiverr compensate for it’s seller in special cases.


So glad it was resolved for you.

If it’s any consolation, the buyer (whomever they were) are probably going to get banned from Fiverr for a violation of ToS.

It’s in there very explicitly that you cannot do “chargebacks” via your credit card or other payment method.

So, at least you won’t run into this buyer again.



Now a Days this paypal dispute is a really headache. But I am heard that fiverr are taking care this problem. And hopefully this problem will bw solved very soon. If you have the proper prove then contact support. Many of my friend get their money back.
Wish you Best Of Luck