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Buyer cancels order after delivery?

I had a buyer message me tonight about two orders that had been made, both orders were delivered and completed… I’m now being told since it was a child to make the purchase that it was not authorized by his parents and fiverr was going to remove the money from my account and refund the seller? What about the product I have delivered?! I cannot get that back.

Fiverr provides opportunity for bad business. If this was the case why not scam every seller?

Pathetic. Once a sale is complete it should be final as a product has been delivered, or fiverr themself should provide the refund.

Thoughts? Any experiences with this issue?


Did the so called child provide any requirements? Also which of your gigs does a child even have the capacity to comprehend?? If you haven’t cancelled yet, don’t cancel it. Approach fiverr support and hear what they have to say about this


A username and terms to agree to join my private server (in-game items service) For delivery.

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The order was completed 15 july


This image was provided to me by the buyer.

Granted I have not seen this format for support services, considering it is email based. This type of support looks web generated.


That is how the support chat looks like, but from what I am reading they seem to have said it was unauthorized transaction. Support might think their account was hacked… Contact support and get their say

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Unauthorized purchase from their child, this is what I’ve discussed with the buyer. Regardless how can support tell them they will be refunded and I lose my product after delivery? That should literally be illegal lol

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In the screenshot above it doesn’t say what the buyer told support to get that specific answer. Maybe he or she said something that would make support think the purchase was unauthorized

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This is a good question, thank you I will add that to my claim.

Please anyone else who may offer insight or support feel free to comment.

I’d also like to doubt that this is a parent of a child, just a kid who knows how to apparently play the system.

That is a sellers account. offering some services that are somehow related to yours… Something smells fishy…

Honestly the guy is just scamming, playing the system and it ends up I’ll probably end up paying for it lol.

This looks like a complete scam to me. Fiverr support can help the best.

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You need to remove those attached image links, since they show the name of the buyer. It is against the forum rules to call out another user on the forums.

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The fact that the “parent” knows not to write the word money in the chat is a huge indicator that this is indeed an experienced scammer.

Have you talked to CS yourself? I hope that Carina CS printscreen is also photoshopped, because it’s revolting that CS would offer to cancel everything that easily just because the guy says “it was my child”.


I deliver logo to my client 2 days ago and modified again and again when they all set and made the final delivery the client approached the CS and opened a dispute that the work is so poor and refund my money, accept that and now he has updated his every thing with my delivered logo, i searched him on social media and found that today he updated his business page cover with the logo which i delivered and he was saying that my work is poor.

Printscreen it immediately and send it to CS. They will be in serious trouble. Don’t let them get away with it.


i know only seller here will bear every thing, because they value customers

I’m not sure what you mean, but that’s not a customer. That’s a scammer that needs to be reported. He got your work for free. CS will side with you, trust me.


Well after two days now the money had been removed from my account and I now have 2 cancelations. Very frustrating.

Might as well start scamming every seller if this is how fiverr does business.

Fiverr should be responsible for the refund allowing a young community the ability to buy items. It’s hard enough to deal with them if they are the seller