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Buyer Cancels Order after finished, Can I use the material I made?

Hi everyone
I have a little question, my buyer cancels the order after finishing the job, I think he can no longer use it, anyway his funds are returned. Could I use the material that I made? or could he even use the material than I sent him?
The reason for the cancellation is that we did not want to continue working together for reasons of time/money

thanks for the help

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If your buyer got a full refund back, they lose all the rights over your work, and you get all the rights back, which means your buyer should not use your work as it’s illegal considering that it’s your work since they didn’t pay for it in the end.

However, I don’t understand one thing: if you finished the job, why would you & the buyer want to cancel because of “time/money” ? :confused:

I mean, you finished the work - time shouldn’t be a reason to cancel any longer (unless you delivered late), and money shouldn’t be a reason to cancel either if you delivered what they purchased.


@Woofy31 is correct. If the order was cancelled, nothing was purchased (and kept) by the buyer, therefore, you continue to own all rights to everything you created. If the order is kept by the buyer, the buyer owns everything that was delivered (UNLESS you state your own rights terms within your gig description).

You can find this exact information listed within Fiverr’s Terms of Service:


There may be a catch here. Yes the Buyer has no entitlement whatsoever to the works that wasn’t paid for. But can you (Seller) really use it when such works (graphic design for example) contain proprietary materials like logos, trademarks, etc? Until you remove such proprietary items from such works of yours, I don’t think you have rights to usage as such.

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Hi Woofy31, Yeah I delivered on time, the problem was that after finish the work, the buyer wanted the same times and the same price (5 days - extra fast delivery for 11 illustrations) very cheap price, that it was not viable, so I send him a new custom offer than he of course don’t accept it, after that and get some threats even direct threats, I agree to cancel the order. But the order was cancelled directly by fiverr custom support. I’m not going to use what I did for him, it does not help me much but I’m going to recycle the backgrounds and the characters by redesigning them to add them to my portfolio.