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Buyer cannnot dowwnload files

Hi, I have a new buyer. He was new on Fiverr. He asked me to make 2 videos when I deliver he said that the first video is good but he cannot download it so I sent it again he was new so he didn’t know he marked the order as complete before taking the second video. He is now not able to download first video he says that he can hear the voice but cannot see the video except the black screen and logo, but he can see the video in the preview. I said that try to open on other devices but he said that he cannot see the video when downloaded. I said that I will send the second video also in the inbox as you have marked the order complete. Now what to do when my buyer cannot download the video but only voice and black screen but can see a preview.
I would appreciate your answers.

Upload it to dropbox, and send him the link

oh thanks alot for cooperation

Scammers often say this. I get buyers saying things like “the file is broken,” or “where is the video,” or “I can’t download the files.”

I have caught a lot of people actually using the video I have delivered on their website, while they are telling me it has magically disappeared.

Send the video in question as a shareable Google Drive link and re-upload it as a message attachment, AND take a screenshot of your original order delivery and re-delivery, then send these with a follow up message stating that you have double checked and all files have been fully delivered. Then tell your buyer that if they still have a problem, they will need to contact Fiverr CS.


Thanks but the buyer was new and unfortunately mark the order as complete before getting the second video

Now she is saying that nothing happens when she click on download on google drive using her iPhone what should i do.

I’ve already told you what you should do.

All you can do otherwise is go back in time an teach your buyer how to use the Internet.

You are being scammed. The point of the scam is to make it look like you haven’t delivered anything so that a buyer can get a refund from CS. Your buyer likely isn’t even a ‘she.’

Do what I said above and you put them in checkmate.

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yeah you are right but what happen if i get a warning. If they contact customer service. She agree that the work is delivered and can see premiere but cannot see the video after download.

Use DropBox instead. An iPhone user might need a special permission to access/download your Google Drive files.

EDIT: If she can download a video but can’t see it on her phone or computer, she might be lacking the proper (or properly updated) software.

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Deliver all the files again as message attachments AND a Google Drive link. Then send a screen shot of all the files attached. Then tell the buyer that all their files are delivered and you have checked that all open and can be downloaded yourself. In this case, if they have a problem, they will need to contact Fiverr for technical support.

If the buyer complains to CS, an agent will look at your order page and messages, see all the files and your proof that you have delivered, and will hopefully refuse any refund request.

The buyer knows that CS will check the order page and messages, and is trying to word their messages carefully toi make it look like you haven’t delivered and are agreeing that you haven’t.

Do what I said and you turn their little game on its head.

I have done up with buyer was good he got it what he want he got a laptop open it there and gave me 5 stars thanks you all for your responses

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