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Buyer Cannot Accept My Custom Offer

Hi To Fiverr Community, Hope you guys are doing well.
So, here is the story.
I worked for a guy remotely on his MAC a few days ago and didn’t created an offer.
So i did his work first, created an offer but he said but he is unable to process payment. He used Paypal and told me that all of his cards are denied. I didn’t got any notification that whether my offer is accepted or not.
He said he contacted the fiverr support and they are looking into it
I also contacted the support but didn’t got any reply. It’s been 4 days. So what should i do?


Hmmm, First of all, never do any work without the buyer accepting an order. Second, did he provide screenshots of the issue he is facing? I feel like you are getting scammed buddy.


The buyer orders, pays, and then you deliver. That is how Fiverr works.

If you have worked by bypassing this you will have worked for free.


Yes you are right but it was a remote work so there was a chance of completion or cancellation that’s why i didn’t created the order. Yeah he provided me screenshot of fiverr guy replied to him that we are looking into this issue.
What should i do now buddy?


It was a remote desktop work. So i didn’t created the offer. He’s still chatting with me and told me that fiverr is looking into this issue. He didn’t locked his account and went away. But Fiverr should give seller some safety regarding this. They have chat in which he said that yes you’ve done my work. There must be an equal equation between both the parties. Not only buyers.

He didn’t provided me the screenshot of the issue but he sent me a screenshot of support ticket which he created and also an outlook screenshot in which fiverr guy said we are looking into your payment issue.

I think you were scammed. :scream_cat:


Never do this.

It’s probably a scam. Anyone who wants you to do work before making an order is shifty. You shouldn’t have done this. There is nothing you can do because you did the work without a contract in place.


How long you have been working with him. And what is the screenshot said. If you find out mismatch with his communication and fiverr cs reply then you are scammed . If things look normal then wait for few days. Because Fiverr can’t do anything as you do the work without the order placemen.


It’s a scam!
Always follow the laid down protocols.

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Me too :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:


how to get out of this situtation?

So there is no way to ask for money. Even fiverr does not allow us to ask for money. He told me that he would pay outside of the platform because the fiverr system denied his paypal, but i denied due to TOS.

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Either you’ve come across an unlucky buyer, or someone who’s out to scam you who knows just enough about TOS to avoid paying for the work that you’ve done. Either way, CS can’t force the buyer to pay for the work now, and I’d bet that this is a scam, given that the “troubles” they are facing are pretty convenient for their end. All is well as you do the work for free, but when it comes to payment, of course that’s where the problem lies.

There is no reasonable situation where you do the work first, then have payment process afterwards. That is not how Fiverr works, and I would take this as a lesson moving forward.


It was a two to three days work which i did. The screenshot says that

"It appears that fiverr did not receive the funds for the transaction. If you see a pending transaction on your credit card, the funds might already be on their way back and will appear your credit card account within 2-7 days. This is because the authorization is cancelled/voided

To be sure of the above, I’m confirming this with the team that investigates the transactions. Please try not to purchase the same service again until I follow up with yo, as it may result in more cases with the same result. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you in the meantime".

This is what CS said to him on mail, on the other side i did not got any reply from CS.

What does this have to do with my comment? I don’t know what your point is.

Then why did he said that i will pay outside the platform. What should i do now ? Should i ask him to pay outside the platform?

What would i get ? A banned account due to TOS. We sellers cannot ask for anything! This is a big flaw. At least fiverr should give equality to both ends. It’s the sellers who give more service fee than buyers, so there should be some respect.

You wouldn’t have been in this situation if you would’ve followed fiverr rules. That’s why rules are in place: to protect sellers. You decided to go your way about it and now you are asking fiverr to cover your back?

You can’t do anything now. Only to wait. Your buyer seems to keep his promise and even contacted fiverr CS to solve the problem so let’s hope he will try to pay you once again when fiverr CS will resolve it, which might take some time.


How can Fiverr protect you with rules if the whole reason you’re in this mess is because you broke the rules? That isn’t how policy works. It only helps you if you comply with it.

That’s like being mad at your insurer for not helping you after you got into an accident while you weren’t paying for insurance.

Also, the only way Fiverr could help you would be I get the buyer to pay for something they never had a contract for and never went through a checkout for. You think they can do that? No.

If you want to protect yourself, follow the rules.


yeah sure @mariashtelle1. I did a mistake i know and i will wait until i get any positive reply!