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Buyer cannot download the attached file via inbox

This is the first time something happened like this for me. I have worked with this buyer for a poster design and finished it okay. After few days of the delivery, he wanted a minor change to the design and texted me for it. I’ve changed it and sent him the PDF file via inbox. But for some strange reason, he cannot download it from his mobile, laptop or PC and says that he sees nothing in there. I’ve sent the file like 8 times and still, the result is the same. He’s on a tight schedule and needs the file very soon.
The size of the PDF is 60MB.
Is there any other way for me to give him the file??

Thanks in advance.

Upload your file to google drive and give him the link.


clear browser history and cookies. That happened due to browser.


Already tried. But it didn’t work. :frowning:

This might be the reason. Let’s see what happens now.
Thank you! :slight_smile: