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Buyer cannot give order to new sellers

Why buyer cannot give order to the new sellers if they have 2 or 3 5star reviews also. They want top-rated sellers only.


No, that’s no true.
Not everyone want to buy Gucci, some people prefer H&M.


No, some buyer`s preferred They need only experience seller why?

All of the experienced sellers were new at one time. We built our business by improving our gigs. It took me 45 days to get my first order. While I waited, I changed my gig images. Also, I rewrote my profile and gig descriptions until I could find no more errors.

Selling on Fiverr is not merely a matter of putting up gigs. Your gigs must be appealing to the buyer and eyecatching in the search. It also helps if you sell a service in a niche that is not overloaded.

I just checked your profile and saw you sell Facebook video ads. Do you realize that there are 19,777 gigs for that service? Plus, 14,692 of those gigs were made by new sellers!

A better question than, “Why buyer cannot give order to the new sellers?” is what I can do to make my gigs stand out from all of the other gigs? That is what I did when I was a new seller looking to get sales. I spent hours looking at the search results and analyzing why the sellers that had many sales were getting the orders.

As I said I looked at your gigs. They are unique enough to stand out from the 19,774 other gigs on Fiverr.

Besides all of that, you have only started selling here in September of this year. Contrary to what you may have heard, Fiverr does not mean instant wealth.

Here are a few threads that may help you:


No, they do not want only TRS and you are a proof of it.

You got two orders at least since you created your account in Sep 2020. It´s not bad at all.

Actually, it sounds weird …


Yes, that is good to get to have two orders already!


But TRS have everytime 5 to 10 order in queue. but new sellers get one order in a week Why?

Because there are two to three times more sellers on Fiverr now than there were before the pandemic and there are not enough buyers for all of these people. Because you are a new seller you are doing well to even have one order a week.

queue (not queer) :wink:

To become a Top Rated Seller you must have been selling on Fiverr for a longer time than two weeks. Plus TRSs have worked hard to get their profile and gigs to the place they are in now. Do you really expect to get the sales that a TRS gets after being on Fiverr for only this month? :thinking:


You are talking about a real thing. But new sellers are having a hard time getting the job done first. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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I`m just saying that as a new seller one order per day should be in queue.

In English that word is not appropriate to use in most contexts. The word is queue.

When you sign up to Fiverr, you are not automatically guaranteed sales. Some sellers never get even one sale after being here for a year of more.

Who told you that you would get sales merely by signing up? :thinking:


Yes, You are right. A new seller tries hard to get jobs on a daily basis.

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Thanks for correction Nice to meet you.

need luck to get order. I follow a new seller show already done 15 projects. before the yesterday night she got 4 orders. I don’t know how she get. her account created on August last week 2020

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Have you studied her profile and gigs. How are they better than yours? Buyers often will not buy from sellers that have spelling errors and poor English.

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Yes, luck is everything but We should try hard to get projects

Yes, You`re right

“communication is the key to success.”

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